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Definition of Peel

(archaic, transitive) To plunder; to pillage, rob. | (Scotland, curling) An equal or match; a draw. | (curling) A takeout which removes a stone from play as well as the delivered stone.

How To Use Peel In A Sentence?

  • To emphasise a point, he flung a piece of orange peel savagely into the fire now and again.
  • Would anybody darn my stockings, or save the peel of the mandarins to make cordial?
  • Captain Peel has just gone by with his sailors and their enormous ship-guns, 68-pounders!
  • Mr. Peel looked at her savagely, and she met his silent rebuke with an air of indifference.
  • But Myrtle had no wish to milk the cows, churn the butter, shell peas, or peel potatoes.
  • As I raise the glass or peel the lemon, I shall not act in any individual capacity.
  • Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850) began his parliamentary career in 1809 and was twice prime minister.
  • Then, in O'Connell's case, he had not made his vow against duelling when Peel challenged him.
  • There was no pause to discuss the proper method of peeling an orange in this case, for they did not stop to peel them at all.
  • When ready to use, peel with a sharp knife from the blossom end down to the stem end.
  • It hangs on the wall and is hardly to be touched, for the paint and varnish crack and peel off at a breath.
  • And at the first eating-house they tried, she was taken on at once in the kitchen to wash the floor and peel potatoes.
  • In her agitation she dropped the jar; it did not break, but all the candied peel rolled away into corners and under tables.
  • She takes it to a magic well, the waters of which cause the snake skin to peel off, and the boy is restored to his own form.
  • Now while the patties are heating, peel and wash one-quarter pound of mushrooms, using the stem and button.
  • Remove the skins from peaches, after soaking them, and before cooking add a little piece of thin orange peel for flavor.
  • Father Iden being proud of his trade, in his old age had his favourite peel ornamented with silver.
  • She often let her hands fall among the curly peel scrapings on the table, and gazed sombrely, almost sightlessly before her.
  • Arrange lettuce leaves on a round platter, pile neatly in the centre a dozen red radishes sliced thin with the red peel left on.
  • Mr. Peel used his most affable manner to her; his compliments after the rehearsal were an augury of great things.
  • Pour off water, cover with cold water and boil another 20 minutes, then drain and take equal weight of peel and sugar.
  • Sir Robert Peel did not think it desirable that members of this house should retain the franking privilege.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Peel | Peel Sentence

  • Do not peel the apples.
  • Place the peel in a saucepan of cold water.
  • Come in here and peel your eyes, cocky!
  • Cook three large potatoes and then peel and mash fine.
  • I helped him peel a pail of potatoes....
  • Sir R. Peel has traced both.
  • For Sir Robert Peel no similar course is open.
  • Use the knife to peel off the skin and bristle from the shell.
  • In 1845 Sir Robert Peel was Prime Minister.
  • Cook sweet potatoes and peel and mash and then form into nests.
  • Separate a clump of garlic into cloves and then peel and place in a fruit jar.
  • You must never peel potatoes or cut out their eyes if you want them to grow.
  • Take small tomatoes, scald and peel them, then cut a slice from the stem end.
  • Yates Peel was a member of parliament almost continuously from 1817 to 1852.
  • Pare, peel and chop fine 6 apples, add them to the rice and cook until done.
  • For 4 persons Peel and cut in eighths, 4 apples.
  • Wilt come and see us, and help peel and eat, while we talk of Australia?
  • Enfin en 1829, Wellington et Peel le firent voter (10 avril).

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