Peeped In A Sentence

Definition of Peeped

simple past tense and past participle of peep

How To Use Peeped In A Sentence?

  • They passed on, and a glimmer of moonlight peeped out at them as they reached the trail side.
  • The driver peeped into the coach once, and said that he had his arm round her waist.
  • She ran to the window and peeped out eagerly, hoping he might be watching her window.
  • Pinkie Whiskers peeped out of the pocket and saw many tables with people about them.
  • The little girls peeped up shyly as Lady Sarah laid down her correspondence unopened beside her.
  • There were breaks here and there, and occasionally a star peeped out and twinkled mockingly at him.
  • Then he peeped out and saw the basket come down to the earth and rest on the grass in the middle of the ring.
  • The gleaming butts of two pistols that peeped out of his waistband gave a touch of piquancy to his appearance.
  • One or two strolled to the inner doors and peeped through their glass halves, while others gossiped in the entry.
  • The drab stuff of his pockets peeped out here and there in a crumpled bunch, and his waistcoat gaped where the watch-guard had been.
  • Overland grinned, and carelessly shifted the lapel of his coat from beneath which peeped the butt of his automatic pistol.
  • She peeped in at the tent-door where the labourers were dining, and almost sank to the ground at the sight she beheld.
  • Once more the gopher peeped up, as if wondering why in the world those two strange children did not go away and let him alone.
  • Stealthily he peeped into the kitchen; no one was there, the few smouldering ashes in the grate being the only token of recent occupation.
  • The office door was locked, but she tiptoed round to a private side entrance and opened the door very cautiously and peeped in.
  • So the tattered breaks through which peeped the radiant lamp of night, illuminated each fringe of mist with the sheen of burnished steel.
  • Miss Matilda had peeped through a crack of the door and made this observation and the remark founded thereon.
  • He had not been seated long when the door opened, and the head of a half-breed peeped cautiously in with an uncommonly sly look.
  • Slowfoot finished the scraping of the kettle before obeying; then lifted the curtain that closed the opening of their tent, and peeped out.
  • Dolly passed an open door, and peeped in from the quaint gallery to a warm and darkened room, panelled and carpeted.
  • She was dressed in a light summer frock, through the delicate texture of which peeped the warm tint of beautifully rounded arms and shoulders.
  • Hitherto Banfi had not touched his pistols, the wonderfully-carved ivory handles of which peeped forth from his holsters.
  • Somebody peeped in, saw the sobbing figure on the bed, the scattered bon-bons, the crumpled note on the floor.
  • He wore a red, richly-fringed jacket, and the gold inlaid hilt of his scimitar peeped forth from his broad girdle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Peeped | Peeped Sentence

  • He never peeped a note about having the dinner here.
  • As those doors stood open we peeped in.
  • Hearing the noise, he came and peeped over.
  • He peeped through, the pacha standing by his side.
  • She peeped at her, this ugly old toad.
  • So he pushed the door gently ajar, and peeped in.
  • The ass, as the biggest, went to the window and peeped in.
  • As he started up-stairs Pussy peeped out at him.
  • She peeped out to gaze at the group around as Meg entered.
  • But bitterness against me peeped out of every second phrase.
  • Hattie peeped out from behind the shed where the water-buckets sat.
  • From underneath the bed peeped out one end of his strong box.
  • Tommy started, peeped around the corner, and looked puzzled.
  • So George turned round, and opened the door a little way, and peeped out.
  • Cautiously I peeped over the brink, straight down as Mac had directed.
  • And Emmy Lou peeped surreptitiously at the blue ribbon in her Second Reader.
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