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  • They peered over the fence.
  • When he was dressed he came to the door and peered in.
  • Jack sank to the ground and again peered forth.
  • He peered past the next bend.
  • Jack peered from behind his tree a moment later.
  • Over her shoulder peered the scared face of a maid.
  • He peered through the leaves, and fired quickly.
  • Then he remembered, and peered closely at his hands.
  • About to answer, Taute peered ahead with sudden intensity.
  • They were up on their feet and both peered out of their cell window.
  • Lloyd was startled also and he peered through the tare in the curtain again.
  • Faith looked about the rough camp, and peered down the trail.
  • The buggy stopped, the man's face peered out.
  • Lloyd, on the couch, still peered out the window at the street.

How To Use Peered In A Sentence?

  • Menard rose, and with the priest peered through the cracks at the rear of the hut.
  • He peered from the parapet down into the stable-yard, and the place seemed empty.
  • Across it, he peered through a wire-mesh door into a screened and darkened sleeping porch.
  • The cloud-throned moon from his dominion Peered drowsily through veils of mist.
  • He peered out and sucked in a few deep breaths of air then turned to Brook and laughed.
  • It was, as usual, very dark, and as he reached each landing he peered almost with caution.
  • Grief and the Goat Man peered straight down from a safe rock-shelter, three hundred feet above.
  • Tom changed the focus of his powerful glasses slightly and peered in the direction indicated by his chum.
  • He peered under the boat again, hoping to reassure himself that it was a mistake, just his imagination.
  • The gentleman turned his head sharply, and peered at her where she sat in the darkness of her corner-seat.
  • Mills peered at me with his friendly but awfully searching blue eyes through the cloud of smoke he had wreathed about his big head.
  • From the roof tops thousands of eager men, women and children peered down upon it through the darkness.
  • He peered through a crack and saw something that looked like a mastodon in the darkness tugging at a sack he had used for chinking.
  • He peered at me in an extraordinary manner as if he wanted to make sure that I had all my limbs about me.
  • It came from the street and Dearborne rushed to the window and peered out to see what was the cause of it.
  • He held the lantern high up first, however, and peered under it as if to observe the full extent of the discomfort before braving it.
  • We passed a sickly-looking girl with a sallow face, who dragged her limbs and peered at us dimly with painful eyes.
  • At every window it halted, listened, peered in, as if it had the eyes of a cat to see with in the dark.
  • He peered over the parapet, a hundred feet above, with his head so swathed in dirty linen that he looked like a bandaged corpse.
  • At which warning both the twins fled precipitately underneath the bed; whence presently their heads peered out, with wide and frightened eyes.
  • To the last he remained persuaded that the horned face, which had peered at him through the ruins of Donoughmor, was that of the devil himself.
  • They wore no clothes, no silk shirts (here he peered and blinked significantly at the king), and they ate one another.
  • The major had peered into the carriage, and, perceiving the wounded arm and well-known wrapper, had turned away his head abruptly.
  • She peered out, shading her eyes from the level rays of the sinking sun, and starting back at sight of Jenny.
  • She peered at her Brook, for a long time, apprehensive at whether or not to tell him the heavy burden that she carried within herself.
  • At every turn I peered upon the world through my grey glass spectacles, and took as keen an interest in it as does a child.

Definition of Peered

simple past tense and past participle of peer
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