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  • He kept peering through the smoke.
  • I turned back to the house of the peering woman.
  • For some time we laid there, peering down at the men below.
  • The priest ran about the hut, peering through the chinks.
  • He sees a white face with big eyes peering at him. . .
  • Old man Spantz stood in the doorway, peering in at them.
  • And after peering cautiously, Mr Weech went his way.
  • A moment later she was peering out of the window into the radiant sunlight.
  • He dropped to his knees before her, peering into her startled eyes.
  • Isaac stood upon the threshold, peering anxiously into the room.
  • She stepped briskly about, peering through the chinks with an alert eye.
  • But suddenly he stopped, with an exclamation, peering into the canoe.
  • Eager women were peering through the doorway for a glimpse of the American.
  • There paused we, and I, peering far below, Shuddered, drew from the brink.

How To Use Peering In A Sentence?

  • When she saw the pale face peering in at her a gentle smile crept into her eyes.
  • He had the mean, uncomfortable feeling that people were peering at him from remote windows.
  • I felt a warm breath upon my cheeks, and knew that the unknown assassin was peering into my eyes.
  • She stole from him to the window and, moving the curtain a few inches, knelt down, peering out.
  • Ruth stood at one of the windows at Willowvale, peering anxiously out into the darkness.
  • Gazing carefully through the dim light, he saw an Indian peering over the outer wall or stockade.
  • Mrs. Hodge-Lathrop was standing in the door, peering impatiently into the dim little room.
  • Standing on this and peering through the chink in the boards, he gained at last a view of the interior of the house.
  • For the rest of the short afternoon time we scrambled about the rocks, peering into crannies and basins.
  • He tore his feet from the spot and walked straight before him, gripping the revolver and peering into the obscurity fearfully.
  • He opened the hatch and climbed to stand in the conning tower again, peering grimly around the horizon.
  • It fell close under the soldier's window, as he sat peering out through the narrow bars.
  • Enid shrank back a little as the figure rose slowly, uncoiling its cramped limbs and peering and blinking up at her.
  • He advanced, peering through his lantern's intervening glare, and made out it was alone.
  • The interesting young woman had cautiously pushed open one of the shutters and was peering down upon the trio of red-coated guardsmen.
  • He dropped his rod incontinently and crawled to the opening in the shrubbery, peering with alarmed eyes down the path along the bank.
  • It was the sight of her face, anxious and suddenly white, peering down through the half-light of the hall that finally unmanned him.
  • Even when my back was turned to it, the idea of this strange face behind me, peering over my shoulder, was insufferable.
  • For about an hour, he poked around the newly assembled apparatus, checking the wiring, and peering into it.
  • So, if the weather be not fair for sailing, we sit down distraught and are ever peering forth to see how stands the wind.
  • She was peering out at her royal spouse and his fellow tipplers, and the frown on her face gave Grief his cue.
  • You could see her peering past Sam's shoulder and snatching out suddenly for the fluttering paper.
  • The man took a slow tour of the room, peering into nooks and corners in a stealthy, silent way that was most eerie to watch.
  • When Cloete gets at last to the cabin companion on the poop the coxswain is already there, peering down and sniffing.
  • An instant later Foley was seen standing in the dim light of the doorway, shading his eyes and peering into the darkness.

Definition of Peering

present participle of peer | The act of one who peers; a looking around. | (Internet) The act of carrying communications traffic terminating on one's own network on an equivalency basis to and from another network, usually without charge or payment.
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