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  • His air was peevishly irritable.
  • They listened peevishly to the wind whistling through the chinks of the barn.
  • Fenn frowned a little peevishly as he rose to usher his visitor out.
  • Mr. Fennel put the letter down with a remark peevishly uttered.
  • Throughout 1990, both Goldstein and his magazine were peevishly thriving.

How To Use Peevishly In A Sentence?

  • I stayed there a moment to wipe my forehead and slap peevishly at my accompanying swarm of flies.
  • In desperation he said the first thing he thought of, very peevishly and without the dignified prelude which he had intended.
  • Better than some of them,' quoth the lady, looking peevishly at the lower limbs of her husband.
  • Then seizing the cigar-box, he tried one cigar after another, broke them peevishly up, and threw the pieces out of the window.
  • And in her then morbid and unnatural condition, she had peevishly brushed all thought of her cousin aside, accounting his unhappiness as small beside her own.
  • She murmured not though a glimpse of the sunny sky was as strange to her as him, nor answered peevishly though his complaining accents roused her from sweetest dream only to share his wretchedness.

Definition of Peevishly

In a peevish manner.
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