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  • The sides of the tent were squared and pegged down.
  • But every man pegged ahead.
  • The sides of the tent are of course pegged to the ground.
  • The sides of the tent were pegged down tight all around.
  • See, I have it all pegged out.
  • The wounded and shell-shocked New Zealander had pegged out during the journey.
  • Why, I've thumped him, lad; pegged and pardoned him.
  • Once there, she looked on while Mr. Masterson pegged out the green hides.

How To Use Pegged In A Sentence?

  • Most of the likely spots for gold had been already pegged out by their forerunners.
  • East stopped speaking, and pegged away more diligently than ever with his pencil.
  • Then in came the ball to shortstop, and that youth turned quickly and pegged to third.
  • At the front end of the throwing-stick a narrow piece of ivory is pegged to prevent splitting.
  • The middle finger is also pegged off, and the last two fingers have to shift for themselves.
  • They pegged the net all about the tree, then let loose the dog, and urged him towards the net.
  • The skin, spread out and pegged to the ground, was covered with wood ashes and left to dry.
  • Some were pegged to the ground by their out-stretched hands and feet, and some were stretched on crosses.
  • Having flayed the animal and pegged down the skin, we returned to our beds, hoping to finish the night without interruption.
  • After the hide has been flayed from a beast, if it is not intended to "dress" it, it should be pegged out in the sun.
  • Built up in superposed layers, of the finest quality of thoroughly seasoned hardwoods, pegged & glued together.
  • Craig found lice "doing squaderron drrrill up his legs," and he was pegged out in an outhouse till his clothes were fumigated.
  • The window had been cleared and at a bench facing the street Jonah and an assistant pegged and hammered as if for dear life.
  • The feature of this feature was that the Line was pegged out from top to bottom with the best red-tape procurable in the town.
  • Finally the London bankers who had been the victims of this speculation, decided upon a new issue of pegged currency.
  • Small purse nets are spread over these, and I always preferred these loose to being pegged or fixed in any way.
  • Having thus viewed the land and pegged out his claim by means of forts, Agricola returned to winter quarters.
  • Then the sail is thrown across the ridge-pole (not over the crossed loops of the oars, for they would fret it), and is pegged out below.
  • But at the end of that first year Miller had him pegged at about 120, judging him on the same basis as a five-year-old child.
  • He pegged out a claim at once, fetched his partner, and the two men took out $50,000 worth of gold in three weeks.
  • His waterproof sheet is spread out, mud-slimed, over the top of the wall of stone and earth and sandbag, and pegged down inside the schanz.
  • When a skin is taken from an animal, I sprinkle a little salt over it, then roll it up, to be pegged out at a convenient opportunity.
  • Another bed, which will be very effective in a day or two, is a bed of the double Persian Brier, pegged and trained.
  • Still the Rover boys pegged away, and it must be admitted that even Captain Putnam was astonished at their progress.
  • Yes, the animals were pegged out alive on the ant-hills, and the professor would sit with his watch in his hand, counting the minutes until they ceased from writhing.
  • As they all pegged dismally homeward, the half-dozen thought that Mr. Mitchell had also just about cured six Volunteers.
  • On this long rows of ordinary rabbit wire netting were pegged down four abreast and the result was a "road" which very greatly increased the pace and extent of infantry marching.
  • They are erected with one center pole, which is always in the way, and have to be pegged to the ground, thus making guy ropes a nuisance rather than a convenience.

Definition of Pegged

simple past tense and past participle of peg
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