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  • I will pelt it with pebbles.
  • And pelt me with their lucre.
  • They will pelt him with stones.
  • The little children gibe at them, pelt even....
  • But he dared not pelt the mongrel after what the bystander had said.
  • The rest of the pelt was so terribly torn with buckshot as to be worthless.
  • He also slit the pelt down the belly and cut a number of juicy steaks.
  • And even after the pelt was fairly well cleared, it had still to be tanned.
  • It is poor sport, on either side, to pelt opponents with such reproaches.
  • The beauty of Noozak's pelt brought a glow into his eyes.

How To Use Pelt In A Sentence?

  • Bill carefully removed the nails and laid the dry pelt at the feet of the girl.
  • You may pelt them with stones if you please, all they will do is to give you a wider berth.
  • Dead animals, however rich their pelt or bright their plumage may be, are not a fair equivalent.
  • The very Graduses and Thesauruses were raked for phrases to pelt me with by the tiny pedants.
  • While eating, the visitor chanced to see the pelt of Hes-puns hanging on one of the lodge poles.
  • Why, in London a good black fox pelt sometimes brings two or three thousand dollars.
  • Over her shoulders was a luxurious feline pelt masquerading comfortably under the title of spotted fox.
  • It took the boys only a short time to remove the pelt from the bear and provide themselves with a few pounds of steak.
  • Then he began to pelt one of the giants with the missiles, until after a few minutes one of the men awoke.
  • Though the rabbit pelt is very tender and tears easily, it can be worn for five or six days of hard travel.
  • The men go to the conflict armed with war shields, and they pelt each other with rocks as seriously as in actual war.
  • He will take upon him with oaths to pelt some tenderer man out of his company, and makes good sport at his conquest over the puritan fool.
  • They stood then smiling across a chasm of the diffidence of youth, she fumbling at the great fur pelt out of which her face flowered so dewily.
  • The boys began to pelt him with stones to make him come out, and Bobby scrambled down from his tree.
  • Carlt's action in denuding the shaggy pelt of his hands meets with my highest commendation, but you'd better look out.
  • Innumerable monkeys swing from bough to bough, eating wild fruits, and breaking off twigs to pelt the intruders on their domains.
  • If the rain should pelt in torrents it makes little or no difference to them, they still go on with their work, half-naked and bare-headed.
  • Before a raw pelt or skin can be made up as a rug, it must be sent to a first-class tanner, and thoroughly tanned and dressed.
  • His only extra covering was a thick woollen muffler around his neck, yet in this way he bore uncomplaining the brunt of storm and pelt of rain.
  • But this heavy firing must have attracted attention, for lead began to pelt at us from hidden places, and soon this little action became very warm.
  • Some boys, playing near a pond, saw a number of Frogs in the water, and began to pelt them with stones.
  • In skinning, cut at the rump, and turn the skin inside out (like a glove) over the body of the animal, leaving the pelt side out.
  • And sometimes they would even pelt the old horse Ebenezer, who stood in the stall next to Twinkleheels.
  • I wish Reginald could come and tell you all, but the poor fellow has to go home full pelt about those Irish.
  • While we all went fishing in the afternoon, the President skinned his mouse, and prepared the pelt to be sent to Washington.
  • He took the pelt from the bear, carved the body properly, and then, just as the Indians had done, he broiled strips over the coals.
  • The mules were lazy to-day; and Mr Sargent was forced to fill his bucket with stones, and pelt the leaders occasionally.
  • He took the dog, which had probably been purchased from a naturalist only that day, and ripping open the pelt behind the forelegs he quickly drew out the stuffing.
  • The marten pelt was removed from the body by splitting it down the inside of the hind legs to the trunk, and then pulling it down over the head, turning it inside out in the process.

Definition of Pelt

(transitive) To bombard, as with missiles. | (transitive) To throw; to use as a missile. | (intransitive) To rain or hail heavily.
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