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How To Use Pelted In A Sentence?

  • And they beat him with their sticks and pelted him with stones and called him names.
  • When the bullets of the soldiers pelted into the lodges he lost faith in his own prophecy.
  • I told them, when some rowdies pelted them and smashed a hole in their big bass drum.
  • Splashes of rain pelted her face, while a gust of wind caused the scow to creak dismally.
  • They would soon be pelted and driven away, or snared and confined in a whirling cage.
  • The shepherd, out of patience, pelted them with clods of earth; but not one would move.
  • The king and his train hastened back to Toledo, pursued and pelted by the tempest.
  • All those which she had brought were filled, And still Gervase pelted her from above.
  • Jahveh just before stopping the sun, pelted the enemies of Israel with hailstones (Joshua x. 11).
  • To our shame he seemed a comic creature and we pelted him with snowballs and ran from his piteous anger.
  • The battle-field was strewed with floods of ink, and the literati pelted each other with ferocious lampoons.
  • To the confusion of his father and brothers he went about dressed in rags, so that his old companions pelted him with mud.
  • They passed the body of a young grouse which, caught in the open and confused, had been pelted to death.
  • What were these men whose iron discipline bound so fast that they could be pelted to death, and no eyelash seem to quiver?
  • Shortstop got the ball on a low bound, cast a hurried look toward third and pelted it across to first.
  • At regular intervals, groups of gaily dressed children waved their pretty flags or playfully pelted him with roses.
  • The awful whirlwind was almost upon it, and it was already pelted with showers of sand driven like hail by the storm.
  • Beneath the sheltering porticos lurked bright-faced girls who pelted each passer with violets, narcissus, and hyacinths.
  • They then, amidst roars of cruel laughter, pelted him with glass bottles till he was cut and gashed in a dreadful manner.
  • The shepherd fell into a passion, whistled, scolded, and pelted the poor fleecy amateurs with stones.
  • In color she was "claybank," with great blotches of white, as if she had been pelted with small bags of flour.
  • A thick haze covered the forests; rain often pelted us; the firmament was an unfathomable depth of grey vapour.
  • Hans and I fired some shots, though for all the effect they produced, we might as well have pelted a breaker with pebbles.
  • It was a horrid sort of nightmare, for they pelted him with iron-bound copies of Valdez, knocking him almost senseless into the mud.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pelted | Pelted Sentence

  • He tore off bark and pelted him with it.
  • Now travelers are pelted into shelter.
  • Wallie picked up a pebble and pelted a robin.
  • Stinging gusts of rain pelted their faces.
  • They were pelted with rotten eggs, sticks, and stones.
  • Reformers are apt to be pelted with epithets quite as ill-chosen.
  • It pelted the gray wall with a million particles of mellow fire.
  • When they pelted him with controversial questions, he replied with brevity.
  • He tried to look up toward the mountain, but the stones pelted him down.
  • The sun pelted down upon its bleached, unshaded roof and sides.
  • Pete, much chagrined, pelted the stones rapidly at the empty can target.
  • On winter days, when snow would pack, we pelted the friendly milkman.
  • We pelted on steadily, keeping the cab in sight, through dark mazy streets.
  • The great, cold drops pelted down slowly, dismally, and incessantly.
  • Poor Toad sprang to his feet and pelted away again, his heart in his mouth.
  • Whenever I touched one it pelted me with drops, and I was numbed with cold.

Definition of Pelted

(in combination) Having a specified kind of pelt. | simple past tense and past participle of pelt
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