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  • Of how many bones is the pelvis composed?
  • The pelvis and the thorax will help you greatly by and by.
  • Bend the tail under the pelvis and tie it fast also.
  • The femur is articulated to the pelvis by a brass bolt.
  • The skeleton was found with the head northwest and the pelvis southeast.
  • The pelvis is the bony framework which forms the lower part of the body.
  • Three of the arm bones and one pelvis bone are stained by copper.
  • The pelvis in Ornithosaur and Dinosaur 204 80.

How To Use Pelvis In A Sentence?

  • They bear about as much resemblance to a genuine pelvis as a cigarette does to a locomotive.
  • Those which immediately follow the pelvis are short, like the vertebrae of the back.
  • No trace of pelvis or right leg remained, though all the other bones were well preserved.
  • Nature aids the girls; the tissues and muscles increase in size and the pelvis bones enlarge.
  • The bones of the child being found between the ribs and the pelvis suggest that it was foetal.
  • I had falling of the womb and such an aching across my pelvis bone could hardly walk as the least jar hurt so.
  • Such bones as remained were in their proper positions, except that the sternum lay in the pelvis and the elbows at the knees.
  • A woman with a large pelvis gives her a superior and significant appearance, while a narrow pelvis always indicate weak sexuality.
  • If she was in good medical hands, she probably did not, though certain unusual formations of the pelvis may have made her labor longer than usual.
  • Two pendants made of haliotis shell were found, one near the head and one at the pelvis (Fig. 91).
  • The pelvis of the child was completely decayed, and few of the bones were intact except the maxilla which was found in the western part of the grave between the patellae of the man.
  • The question comes whether the disease in the pelvis causes the difficulty with the stomach, or whether the stomach produces the inflammation in the uterus and surrounding parts.
  • Chest and shoulders seem to be enlarged at the expense of the pelvis and the hips, to such an extent as to make the want of proportion between the upper and lower parts of the body startling and ungraceful.
  • The pair of bones which extend forward in front of the pelvis in Crocodiles may be of the same kind, in which case they should be called prepubic bones.
  • Bend up each leg at a right angle to its present position, making the bend abruptly at the head of each femur, and thus leave between them the same distance that separated them when they joined the pelvis in life.

Definition of Pelvis

(anatomy) The large compound bone structure at the base of the spine that supports the legs. It consists of hip bone, sacrum and coccyx. | (anatomy) A funnel-shaped cavity, especially such a cavity in the kidney into which urine passes towards the ureter
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