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  • No act but penitence can expiate guilt!
  • Honora was finding penitence a little difficult.
  • The wily slave looked all penitence and submission.
  • The Penitence of Machaldus.
  • The Penitence of Krishna.
  • The Penitence of Asycus the Bishop.
  • To go to him with sincere penitence is no more than our duty.
  • It was not pity nor penitence alone that brought you here to comfort me.
  • There were certainly very few signs of penitence about this queer boy.
  • Lottie withered into penitence with the first words of this reproof.
  • Your expressions of sorrow and penitence cannot secure your future moderation.
  • Another letter followed, penitence now exchanged for reproaches.
  • The penitent thief was not spared; but what a difference his penitence made!
  • Oh! that a life of penitence and prayer might atone for my guilt.
  • But she did it, glad to prove her penitence by any test he might apply.
  • And never shall you want an asylum, where your penitence may lament your loss.
  • J'étais battue, enfermée, en pénitence pour des riens.
  • Say on, the father cried, Nor be to penitence all hope denied.
  • Wyverne's gay laugh broke in before the Rector's penitence could go further.
  • His penitence might still be told-- Told to the winds!

How To Use Penitence In A Sentence?

  • Polly ended with more penitence than she had yet shown to any one save her mother.
  • Penitent souls are drawn to the cross, and the deeper their penitence the more are they at home.
  • But you must show your penitence by letting your last acts in this life be just and right.
  • Military men on approaching the tribunal of penitence had felt the scales fall from their eyes.
  • It was characteristic of him that his penitence was never spoken: nor did he exhibit penitence.
  • The tempest of penitence closed with a blind look at his watch, which he left dangling.
  • That manner of fasting or penitence for the dead is called sipa by the Tagalogs.
  • Be ye whom ye may, prince or subject, high or low, penitence alone can save you.
  • He was callous and cynical in face of the succulent penitence of Fluffy Pike and his kind.
  • First, by deep penitence the wrong atone, Then absolution ask from God alone!
  • And then and then came Spring, and Rose-in-hand My thread-bare Penitence apieces tore.
  • She could not suppose his eager caresses to be other than penitence for suspicion or an assertion of his claims upon her in perpetuity.
  • If he had no penitence with respect to the terrible retribution he had already wrought, the idea of it disturbed him.
  • Competition among preachers of penitence and servility is almost as great as among patent medicine quacks.
  • An aspect of penitence she had not demanded, but the silly gabbier under a stigma she could not pardon.
  • As a working of this penitence they came, according to the instruction of the teachers, to be baptised.
  • Tears of mingled gratitude and penitence welled up, as in the days of exile, from his self-accusing breast.
  • Has the man who is seeking with penitence and prayer the favor of God profoundly humbling views of himself?
  • They were the provision made by Israel for the expression of its prayer, its penitence and thanksgiving.
  • His penitence was in no wise lessened by the quality of Scott's answering laugh.

Definition of Penitence

The condition of being penitent; a feeling of regret or remorse for doing wrong or sinning.
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