Penitently In A Sentence

How To Use Penitently In A Sentence?

  • Through me, he entreats your forgiveness, he does not wish you and your father to remain his enemies, when he has penitently borne the punishment.
  • He was at any time ready to take back his wife, so far as the protection of his name and roof were concerned, should she penitently return to him.
  • And she stood penitently watching Robert scrambling back into the boat, and overthrowing and thumping the cushions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Penitently | Penitently Sentence

  • They embrace penitently as Curtain falls.
  • And all the people of the earth shall penitently mourn as they see Him.
  • I have been very selfish," she said, penitently turning to me.

Definition of Penitently

In a penitent manner.
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