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  • First tell my mistress what you have done with all the pennies from my blossoms.
  • Every member of the party had his or her pennies ready, and dropped them into the boxes.
  • She will be crosser than ever, for she will never find the fortune in pennies that she seeks.
  • Johnny rose with glad eagerness, the baby in his arms and the pennies in his hand.
  • He handed five shillings to the boxer, and placed the pennies tail up on the kip.
  • A minute afterwards two pennies were thrown to Christie from the nursery window.
  • When they had withered, I always found bright, new shining pennies where they had lain.
  • For a few pennies for railroad fare whenever I wish I can see and possess the best of it all.
  • Of course, to give pennies in the street is much less trouble than to run the C.O.S.
  • When the farmers protested against this the advertisers gave them a few pennies as a sop to quiet them.
  • They'll figure the pennies as priceless possessions and the sovereigns as beneath price.
  • Out of the pennies that he receives as wages he contributes liberally to the support of his church and for the education of his children.
  • Then the idea occurred to him to use the pennies themselves, and his first battery was soon complete.
  • I went and shook a lot of pennies out of my chimney and bought ever so much taffy and marbles and popcorn.
  • That man has a shrivelled heart who begrudges the five pennies he pays to the newsboy who brings the world to his feet.
  • He threw the kip and the pennies into the centre, and took his place on a low seat at the head of the ring.
  • She got out her box and put in it her tenth, and four pennies for a thank-offering for the happy time she had been having.
  • She had a sixpence and two pennies in her pocket, and thought that she might perhaps be able to buy some food.
  • He was always ready for a move, and his sojourn in cities was but breathing-space while he gathered pennies for further wanderings.
  • A woman came to sell them fruit, and offered to toss pennies for the difference between what she wanted and they were willing to give.
  • Presently she took some pennies from a small purse, and rising, took her letters with her with the evident intention of posting them.
  • His purse seemed lined with gold; or if it were not lined with this precious metal at least the supply of pennies it contained was unending.
  • It was no dull languid existence that she dragged on from day to day; time counted out none but golden pennies into her hand.
  • It was surprising how far silver pennies went in those days; but before evening twelve of the thirteen had got fairly rid of their money.
  • He wanted to sell the ranch, but it could not be sold in these depressed times when rich men were hoarding their pennies like paupers.
  • And so it goes, from the wheezing wretches who pitch pennies in a rum grocery, to the millionnaire gamblers in the gold-market.
  • Very few pennies and shillings appeared, though Pankburn continually and anxiously inquired for them.
  • Sam now began to save his pennies for other soldiers, and to beg for more and more as successive birthdays and Christmases came round.
  • Recently I came on an urchin in the crowded city, pitching pennies by himself, in the angle of an abutment.
  • Then Chook, who was watching the spinner, noticed that he fumbled the pennies slightly as he placed them on the kip.
  • The spinner placed the two pennies face down on the kip, and then, with a turn of the wrist, the coins flew twenty feet into the air.
  • And Samaritans are scarce now-a-days; and when they do appear are generally as scarce of pennies as rich people are of inclination to give them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pennies | Pennies Sentence

  • But only five pennies fell out.
  • The heart gives pennies in the street.
  • Plack, four pennies (Scots).
  • It seemed to her that with five pennies she could buy almost anything.
  • Your American pennies and your prayers will help to bring it about.
  • And Siegwart took out his purse and dropped a few pennies into the box.
  • Result: they'll hang on to the pennies and force us to trade for sovereigns.
  • What pennies I have I'm obliged to count with a provident eye.

Definition of Pennies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of penny | plural of penny | An unspecified, but very small amount of money.
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