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  • They are bankrupt; there will soon be neither pay nor pension for most of them.
  • At the restoration the gallant captain received an annual pension of one hundred pounds.
  • The imam took the money and the clothes, and for some years his pension was paid regularly.
  • Napoleon gave her a pension of six thousand francs and handsome apartments at the Arsenal.
  • The lady instantly told the Archbishop, as she was afraid of losing her pension if he went.
  • This same Archbishop gave a pension of fifty louis a year to the greatest scoundrel in Paris.
  • Den hier nehmen Sie wohl mit, es ist doch gut, wenn Sie nicht so allein in der Pension sind.
  • Then arrived a group of unrelated people living for the moment at the same pension in town and coming in the same conveyance.
  • In 1826 he was given a pension of one hundred guineas a year from the king's privy purse.
  • After that time, if there appears to be little or no chance of recovery, a pension or gratuity is given.
  • Neither of them were needy persons, and the political and ecclesiastical bearing of the whole was indicated by another pension of 300l.
  • You shall pass on your experience to a new hand, take your pension and try the south coast of England for a few months.
  • The testator had a pension from the Foreign Office, on which he lived, leaving his capital untouched.
  • A lady has written a light popular view of the Newtonian Dogmas, and she has been complimented by a pension of 200l.
  • He knew that only one man could have composed such music; so he sent for Handel, and sealed his pardon with a pension of two hundred pounds a-year.
  • My notion is this: The proper subjects for pension are those who, if not provided for by the State, are likely to starve.
  • She had the first child vaccinated in Russia named "Vaccinoff," and fixed a pension upon it for life.
  • She was relieved of actual want by means of this work, which gained for her a pension from Catherine II.
  • Of the first class of employees it is to be said that there is no occasion to embalm them in their offices, and if their pay is adequate there is no ground for placing them upon the pension rolls.
  • It is not considered disreputable to cringe to the vices of a court, or to accept a pension wrung from the industry of the nation, in return for base servility.
  • Since then I have been frankly sorry that I did not play the hypocrite to Belton, in order to be put on a pension for several years.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pension | Pension Sentence

  • Warner had a pension of 40l.
  • The pension was long mortgaged.
  • I asked a pension as having been wounded in service.
  • Congress voted him an annual pension of $30,000.
  • Her Family and Pension to the last, 264.
  • Mit Lilli war ein andres Leben in die Pension gekommen.
  • That was rank extravagance because he was paying at pension rates.
  • Her friends procured her a pension of two thousand livres from the queen.
  • I had above a thousand francs, and a pension of a hundred; this perplexed me.
  • It's a great system tho, that pension system.
  • He retired with a handsome pension to a sheltered life at Halliford.
  • My widow would be entitled to a pension by the provisions of the Fund.
  • A pension of two hundred pounds a year had been given to Sheridan.
  • The Prussian King allowed him on his departure a pension of 16,000 francs.
  • Female teachers were allowed, but not forced, to support the Pension Fund.
  • By the kindness of Queen Victoria she was allowed a pension of L150 a year.
  • Vierzehn Tage waren seit Ilses Aufnahme in der Pension vergangen.
  • Then you'll be all ready to get your pension as soon as you come back.

Definition of Pension

(transitive) To grant a pension to. | (transitive) To force (someone) to retire on a pension. | An annuity paid regularly as benefit due to a retired employee, serviceman etc. in consideration of past services, originally and chiefly by a government but also by various private pension schemes. [from 16th c.]
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