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  • Was she sad or pensive then?
  • I was not infrequently that pensive member.
  • My pigling with the pensive features.
  • Scene of pensive and incomparable loveliness!
  • Then, pensive friend!
  • Elle resta pensive un instant.
  • His pensive attitude seemed incomprehensible.
  • Ah, pensive scholar, what is fame?
  • Boyce bore a pensive smile to what Lloyd had said.
  • In scholar's pensive cell?
  • These thoughts kept him pensive and melancholy in the midst of pleasure.
  • She cast her mother a pensive glance from her great grey eyes.
  • Rhoda buttoned her long gloves and leant back in a pensive attitude.
  • The highest quality of his verse is a quiet, pensive reflection.
  • Servadac gazed upon the shattered marble, pensive and disheartened.
  • Of the pensive shepherd, twitching his mantle blue: you in an ulster.
  • She was as faithful as Evangeline, if pensive and inglorious.
  • Hubert Waldron stood before the open safe in pensive silence.
  • Twas her's to lighten care's control, And raise the drooping, pensive soul.
  • O sweet to stray, an' pensive ponder A heart-felt sang!

How To Use Pensive In A Sentence?

  • Marcella listened, her beautiful hand pensive against her cheek, her eyes on his.
  • Bewick did not allow himself to appear startled or troubled; still, he was made pensive by this.
  • No magnificent pensive Lorenzos remain any more in this world for secretarial hopes.
  • A pensive glory is seen in the far, golden gleams, among the shadows of the trees.
  • Faint in the first, long-drawn, deeply pensive chords, they rapidly gain strength.
  • There shall he love, when genial mom appears, Like pensive Beauty smiling in her tears.
  • That morning, as he turned from Charing Cross towards Pall Mall, he was in a pensive mood.
  • No one could scarcely have remained unmoved by the pensive sympathies that pervaded the entire assembly.
  • After another pensive turn or two she stopped beside a photograph that stood upon her writing-table.
  • Ranger avoided them from a rigid sense of honor, with only a pensive lift of the white eyebrows in his black face.
  • It is now to be the diabolic standard, and he goes with it towards the door of his house, pensive and sad.
  • Her usual expression was somewhat pensive and absorbed, as if she were thinking of herself; but when she smiled she seemed to think only of you.
  • Ruth was too shy to keep up the conversation by any remark of her own, although his gentle, pensive manner was very winning.
  • She grew pensive at times; at times in an abandon of gaiety she chattered back at a quarrelsome squirrel in the thicket.
  • She was so pensive and silent, with sad eyes turned often to some far horizon full of wistful thought.
  • It was odd that from the time these reflections took possession of him Ted became pensive and serious.
  • They were pensive eyes, almost regretful, and somehow his whole face had changed from its look of daring to match them.
  • That grave, pensive expression perhaps was a natural one, before the keen morbid sensibility was so cruelly warped and withered.
  • A few days after this affecting exclamation, he went up to the King, and looked at him with a pensive air.
  • Her form majestic droop'd in pensive woe, The lightning of her eye in tears imbued.

Definition of Pensive

Having the appearance of deep, often melancholic, thinking. | Looking thoughtful, especially from sadness.
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