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  • Gave the people a pail of punch.
  • This merely gave to the people a partial negative.
  • She has to mix with low-necked people a little.
  • You fellows cost your people a deal of money.
  • This saves busy people a vast deal of time.
  • Chaque people a ses folies plus ou moins grossieres.
  • It took naughty people a long time to grow better again.
  • America, its history and people; a unit organization.
  • Then Jesus told the people a parable.
  • Then, too, he sometimes gave people a wrong impression.
  • Iowa is indeed a remarkable state and her people a peculiar people.
  • I've just written your people a formal announcement.
  • People a bird is, and how in working for himself he helps them also.
  • What were the popular amusements of the people a hundred years ago?
  • It'll give the people a queer catch in the throat.
  • It is the preparation absurdly called by the common people a stewed quaker.
  • The native knows his people; a very great advantage in his favor.
  • They are, more than any other people, a product of civilization and discipline.
  • But of all people a Beauty is most conscious of her duality.
  • You put yourself on the wrong side, you give people a wrong idea of yourself.
  • At the very next table to his own were seated two people, a man and a woman.
  • Upon this question the people, a majority of them, were almost savages.
  • It was mid-morning, and the street full of vehicles and people a-foot.
  • I believe, of course, in giving to all the people a good education.
  • With many of the people, a book was a book, and one was as good as another.
  • The Captain ordered the people a pail of punch to drink to a good voyage.

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  • Skepticism and rationalism were not understood by pious people a hundred years ago.
  • They took it into their heads to give the people a series of grand allegorical festivals.
  • It still seems to many people a matter of course that she should obey her husband.
  • We begged him to give the common people a chance; but he refused to repeat himself.
  • This score scared people a lot, because it seemed to hint at a race of super-beings.
  • This would give the people a chance to share equally, in the enjoyment of these enormous profits.
  • A tea made from the leaves is, with many people, a valued remedy for rheumatism.
  • But we have clear evidence that it was considered by the German people a path for the dead.
  • A true and worthy ideal frees and uplifts a people; a false ideal imprisons and lowers.
  • There was a table capable of seating some twelve people, a great stove, and some benches.
  • The discord and feud are between you; why do you make us, innocent people, a party to it?
  • To the Greek world he offered a philosophical religion, to his own people a religious philosophy.
  • I have been pleased to find among the people a less degree of physical misery than I had expected.
  • Behind, below, about, closing in on every side, crowded people, a sea of people.
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