People Do In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For People Do | People Do Sentence

  • What do the people do?
  • People do him injustice.
  • Comparatively few people do.
  • And other people do too.
  • People do not talk to the procession.
  • People do change their minds.
  • What will not people do through ambition?
  • Some people do not and cannot see.
  • People do forget things.
  • Do as you see other people do.
  • Yet that is just what thousands of people do.
  • This is what people do with the telegrams.
  • Educated people do not believe in it any more.
  • But that is what many people do not do.
  • But all sorts of people do.
  • That is what poor people do.
  • People do miss a lot of chances.
  • Dignified people do not squander money.
  • People do not easily make me so hot!
  • Such people do still exist.
  • It seems people do say it.
  • People do it from a morbid sense of duty.
  • People do not put vases on tombstones.
  • People do go to sleep when they are in bed.
  • And people do not glorify that woman!
  • Only two or three people do.
  • Well-bred people do not hold it.
  • What did people do as a general thing?
  • As a many old people do.
  • People do not want one like me there.
  • But the people do not overthrow tribunes.
  • Black-eyed people do not delay.
  • Our people do not think like that.
  • Time and people do not make the future.
  • The people do not want any annexations.

How To Use People Do In A Sentence?

  • What shall the married people do?
  • Do all people do what they think is right?
  • Comfortable people do everything in order.
  • Sensible people do not think anything of it.
  • A good many people do that.
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