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Short & Simple Example Sentence For People Like | People Like Sentence

  • Would people like it?
  • I like people like that.
  • No wonder people like having them.
  • People like that always succeed.
  • Douglas was the man for people like that.
  • Many people like it still.
  • Now what are you going to do with a people like that?
  • No, only people like you and me.
  • Do you always analyse people like that?
  • People like him in an odd sort of way.
  • Do his people like him extremely well?
  • People like my husband and myself quite understand.
  • So they treat the people like children.
  • People like you are generally at least patriotic.
  • Why do certain people like to be together?
  • The people like to be told of their majesty.
  • People like to create and wish to share.
  • Do sick people like to have flowers?
  • Like people, like bar.
  • Some people like to cook and have a natural knack for it.
  • You have to travel to come across people like that!
  • Good people like you must come together.
  • I cannot be murdered in a house full of people like this.
  • Some people like to take their troubles hard.
  • I never saw people like you two.
  • I know the country and the people like my pocket.
  • That makes him mad and people like him less.
  • People like to see a play that makes them cry.
  • Sometimes people like better to take part in teams.
  • The idea of frightening two honest people like that!
  • I am always the same; people like me do not change.
  • The news roused the starving people like electricity.
  • What people like to invent besides is no concern of mine.
  • People like us get on quite well alone.
  • Many people like the under side, or inner loin.

How To Use People Like In A Sentence?

  • She was better off without people like that, anyhow.
  • But common people like me tells lies just as a duck swims.
  • This is country of brown-skinned people, like me.
  • People like him, if they once love, love always.
  • But you leave people like the Armstrongs to me.
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