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  • O peoples of the world!
  • O peoples of the earth!
  • Upon it the peoples of all nations pass and repass.
  • Peoples of the World.
  • In this respect we are a byword among the peoples of the world.
  • It is the language of the primitive peoples of all parts of the world.
  • These indications are well borne out by a survey of the peoples of the world.
  • Lay fast hold on whatever will profit you, and profit the peoples of the world.
  • We can give to the peoples of India our own representative institutions.
  • All peoples of Greece, now is the time or never, for you to help each other.
  • And in another connection: "O peoples of the earth!

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  • There can be no trust or intimacy between the peoples of the world without them.
  • Great indeed is the claim of scientists and craftsmen on the peoples of the world.
  • And the day is not far off when all the free peoples of the world will gather around it.
  • As you are well aware, nuts have been used as foods by the peoples of the world.
  • Whosoever it may be, those who have let loose the conflict have behind them peoples of one mind.
  • I informed her holiness regarding the geography, climate and peoples of the outer sphere.
  • For weal or for woe, the peoples of mankind are knit together far closer than ever before.
  • The peoples of this second era had a different mission from that of the Indians.
  • This doctrine has been received by all the more civilized peoples of the Indian archipelago.
  • The history of warfare of the Christian peoples of that day reads like a horrid nightmare.
  • In this case it was the peoples of the northern regions that tended to beat back upon the South.
  • Consider the civilization of the West, how it hath agitated and alarmed the peoples of the world.
  • The joining of the peoples of America and Britain in a tie which can never be broken is imminent.
  • In contrast with these early sea explorers and sea fighters stand the peoples of China and India.
  • The three most important peoples of Celebes are the Bugis, the Makassars, and the Mandars.
  • The consequence is bound to be a closer knitting of the peoples of the world through the conquering of distance by time.
  • Take again the indolence of the peoples of warm hot climates and the energy of peoples of colder climates.
  • This view of the effects of race blending is borne out empirically by the comparison of the peoples of the world.
  • The peoples of antiquity had no notion of the size of the universe, and their error is almost excusable.
  • Exert thyself so that all the peoples of the world may be illumined with the effulgent splendors of the sun of thy justice.
  • The peoples of the earth will perceive that henceforward the institution of war cannot continue, and after this there will be no more war.
  • At all events, a religious and symbolic signification was attributed to it by the earliest known peoples of these localities.
  • Among the peoples of the third epoch of civilization, the soul had for the most part lost the supersensible faculties.
  • The day is approaching when all the peoples of the world will have adopted one universal language and one common script.
  • And it is due to them to say that almost alone among the peoples of the world, they have succeeded in getting one.
  • In spite of themselves the destiny of the peoples of the Balkans is once more set on the issue of war.
  • But he alone of the notable statesmen of the world was able to express adequately the ill-defined hopes of the peoples of all nations.
  • Heaven will support you while you work in this in-gathering of the scattered peoples of the world beneath the shadow of the almighty tent of unity.
  • In it is all our morality in germ, and with refinements of delicacy often lacking among peoples of later and more advanced civilizations.

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