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  • She was too intent on her purpose to perceive any change in her mental attitude toward him.
  • You, however, will readily perceive it to be possible that I should rather be congratulated.
  • You perceive I am very poor, or perhaps you do not perceive it, for children see fairies in flies.
  • So that, take it all together, you may perceive this is not a Place of the greatest Entertainment.
  • Y.R.H. will perceive from the enclosed receipt of June 27, the dispatch of some music.
  • From the perusal of these documents you will perceive whether or not my opinion of these people is unfounded.
  • It is not difficult to perceive in the tone of this letter that its writer was not an accepted lover.
  • The general want which we perceive in modern furniture is simplicity of structure and truthfulness of construction.
  • We also find ourselves possessed of our judgments and feelings before we perceive the effectual power of the cause which produces them.
  • It seemed to be a matter of high courtesy with her not to perceive that the choir-boys sang out of tune or that the sermon was prosy.
  • You perceive how a man might exercise his mind in the attempt to strike an average of public serviceability in this miscellany!
  • The giant could not but perceive that his principal really was frantic, and hastened to obey his behests.
  • From this you will at once plainly perceive your line of conduct towards Carl's mother.
  • I am always happy to meet persons who perceive the transcendent superiority of Shakspeare over all other writers.
  • It chafed Hester to perceive that though she had pulled us down she could not depress us after the first.
  • He felt that his smile was ghastly; but, as she seemed not to perceive it, he drew the conclusion that the ghastliness was within.
  • Our readers will at once perceive how much the proceedings in this case, which occurred in the year 1580, differed from those of former times.
  • I was greatly pleased to perceive that his Majesty was familiar with my books, and that his attitude toward them was not uncomplimentary.
  • But they were now beginning to perceive the necessity of union, and were becoming every day more formidable to their Christian neighbours.
  • I perceive that Baron Schweiger has not informed Y.R.H. of the attack I had yesterday.
  • By this I perceive that he remembers that dinner of sixteen years ago, for he said the same thing to me about the student-chapter at that time.
  • It was not difficult to perceive that the place to which he led me was devoted in the off hours to some other business besides the selling of liquor.
  • You perceive that even the Orange outrages of Armagh have failed to goad the poor cowed creatures to rebellion.
  • On entering the long room I perceive Mills established in an armchair which he had dragged in front of the divan.
  • He kissed me as a young father might have done, with a sort of pride, and I was able to perceive he had taken an instant fancy to me.
  • We may, from this account, perceive that the Crusaders had a tolerably clear idea of the nature and constitution of the society of the Assassins.
  • If this definition of liberty be admitted, you will perceive that it is possible to reconcile the freedom of the will with absolute decrees; but we have not got rid of every difficulty.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perceive | Perceive Sentence

  • I did not perceive how the time flew.
  • But I perceive no cloven foot.
  • For I already perceive here tears and defiance before-hand.
  • I perceive I must leave it raw edged and ill joined.
  • You will perceive that I am now at Gneixendorf.
  • In, in, Lest they perceive that we consult together!
  • He will perceive that we have ventured upon a few slight alterations.
  • The moment they perceive a man they gallop off to the woods.
  • He can perceive a haystack at an enormous distance when he is interested.
  • But Rollo did not perceive what the real difficulty in his task was.
  • You don't perceive what harm May come of this.
  • Then did Harald perceive that this would never serve his purpose.
  • Though she isn't discerning, she has sense enough to perceive that.

Definition of Perceive

(transitive) To become aware of, through the physical senses or by thinking; to see; to understand.
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