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  • Then it perceives that it is the same beauty which reveals itself in all these.
  • Sometimes the woman perceives the difference in the situation more quickly than her husband.
  • By this, one perceives that the beginning was sufficiently quiet and unaggressive.
  • Each perceives only one phase of the complex whole, and denies the reality of the other.
  • If absolute truths are beyond man who perceives them, once more, where are they, then?
  • In regard to the great principles of veracity and justice, every one perceives this to be true.
  • Consciousness perceives sensation, volition, thought, it does not perceive their subject.
  • At length the Man perceives it die away, And fade into the light of common day. VI.
  • The world it perceives is a world of isolated and independent objects: and it takes them as they are given.
  • There can be consciousness only where there are several terms, one of which perceives the other, and at the same time perceives itself.
  • Then one perceives that with the accumulation of wealth, the culture gradually diminishes in a like proportion.
  • Thus in the physical world man perceives nothing but the manifestations of those spiritual forces which have formed his own physical body.
  • As the nation becomes more self-conscious, it perceives more clearly its own responsibility for the development of each individual.
  • He also put forward a theory of sense-perception, the essential of which is that like perceives like.
  • He calls others also by this name in manifest distraction of mind, often making the correction himself when he perceives the mistake.
  • It next perceives that these causes, or gods, are of unequal importance, and so it constitutes them into a hierarchy.
  • He perceives the things, beings, and events which approach his organs of sense, and analyzes them with his intellect.
  • Its simplest form is manifest when a person perceives an object and, after turning away from it, retains its image in his mind.
  • The consequence is, that the man perceives and approves of truths, without feeling their tendencies, and without manifesting their power.
  • Take, for example, the theme which Isolda sings when she perceives death to be the only cure for her woes.
  • On awaking, the physical and etheric bodies suck it up: they absorb it; they contain the organs through which it perceives the outer world.
  • In an act of perception I distinguish the pen in my hand, and the hand itself, from my mind which perceives them.
  • He perceives the great necessities of the State Makes himself necessary to Louis XIII.
  • Each set perceives their notions liable to be profoundly affected by Canada's fighting in Europe.
  • I speak to her, but she never answers me; generally indeed, she goes away as soon as she perceives that I notice her.
  • They rather show that the mind is conscious of the possibility of reaching a frame or mood in which it perceives what it seeks, immediately and correctly.
  • What one perceives in the volcano, tidal wave, or blizzard, another is spared; the lesson, perhaps, being postponed until he is ready for it.
  • If we tell the hypnotized person not to see a certain picture on the wall, this subconscious personality perceives the whole room with the exception of the picture.
  • The Greeks and Shakespeare perceived the contrast between the pure and the impure, the noble and the base, as no writer perceives it to-day.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perceives | Perceives Sentence

  • He perceives his double.
  • But it is not every eye that perceives these blemishes.
  • Now, the old Scheerauer perceives this.
  • He who perceives a merit is not necessarily he who achieves it.
  • Reason's glory is that it perceives the invisible.
  • He next perceives the separate organs and currents of the etheric body.
  • The fire in us perceives external fire, and so with the other elements.
  • The eye perceives light; but without light there would be no eye.
  • And I was moved to like them, and nobody perceives this sooner than a gypsy.
  • As Nobili speaks he perceives that Enrica gradually retreats farther from him.
  • Wise man, he perceives at once that he can't have these things.

Definition of Perceives

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of perceive
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