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  • They think that at death men have no perception as they had none before they were born.
  • Her last perception was of his eyes fixed full on hers with an expression of quiet amusement.
  • In the perception of truth, as we have seen, the intelligence is perfectly passive.
  • The most acute perception of sound differences lies at about 3,000 vibrations per second.
  • I had the perception of individual images very strong, but a dim one of the relation of place.
  • Perhaps he finds in his consciousness the perception of the table before him which lingers for a little while in his mind.
  • In this clearer perception of proportions the experiences of the religious work of the war is greatly aiding.
  • Thus everything which is material of perception gives us a handle for a real psychological description.
  • But a closer insistance on the perception develops the implicit intelligence, which makes it possible.
  • A saving stupidity masks and protects their perception as the curtain of the eagle's eye.
  • Some of them were curious reveries, dwelling much upon the perception of natural things through scent.
  • This is but the perception of the true unreality of earthly things, made evident by the want of congruity between ourselves and them.
  • With the perception of the necessity, the last immediacy still attaching to formal thought has vanished.
  • The patient had not the slightest perception of light with the right eye; the stimulus of light had no effect on the pupil.
  • When the younger man was restored to his senses, his full consciousness and power of perception seemed to come to him in an instant.
  • The impression appears to awaken neither displeasure nor pleasure; the perception seems now for the first time to be distinct.
  • With this eye the patient had a perception of light, and was even capable of perceiving colors of an intense and decided tone.
  • It is out of reason's province to perceive the beauty or loveliness of any thing: such a perception don't belong to that faculty.
  • We both may mean the same by our ideas, but I can never have your perception and you can never have my perception.
  • The pleasure such perception affords works in two ways: it is a satisfaction in achievement past, and a stimulus to achievement yet to come.
  • To have erected any barrier in this instance would have been an insult, to my perception of the kind of man with whom I had to deal.
  • Thus, the perception of difference would come later, after the sight of different forms, only by means of the tactual memory.
  • It is no longer mere intelligent perception or reproduction of a world, but it is life, with perception (or apperception) of that life.
  • By these rays, therefore, a perception of light, indeed, might be conveyed, but certainly no perception of objects.
  • Miss Aubrey was playing Handel, and with an exquisite perception of his matchless power and beauty.
  • But, strangely enough, this clear perception of the heights and depths which separated me from the woman I worshiped did not make me unhappy.
  • On the individual side I thought that a life of urgent industry, temperance, and close attention was indicated by my perception of these ends.
  • Some mysterious sense perception made her aware that beneath what appeared to be discreditable public actions there was the simple bed-rock of honesty.
  • How perception takes place, whether by the whole man or by parts, perhaps I know not how to declare: both opinions perplex me.
  • Suddenly he perceived the injustice and the crass folly of his estimate of her character, and with this perception came a broader and deeper realization of her greatness as an actress.
  • This method of action is more difficult than the other in the sense that it requires more skill, tact, and delicacy of perception and discrimination to carry it successfully into effect.
  • It is clear that with the capacity is ever joined the perception of the same, and thus, whoever of us may possess a like capacity will not be ignorant of it.
  • She appears to have been without creative faculty, yet her perception of the gift in others was often remarkable, and it pleased her to hold the possessor of it up to admiration.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perception | Perception Sentence

  • Such a lack of humorous perception was disgusting.
  • But my mind was closed against the perception of anything pleasant.
  • By and by we become mutually adapted, and the perception is lost.
  • That indeed was my most striking perception in the growth of Bromstead.
  • I suffer, every day, from the want of perception of beauty in people.
  • Mrs. Carnby was not alone in her perception of the change in Margery.
  • But the perception of beauty, like beauty's self, lies only skin-deep.

Definition of Perception

The organisation, identification and interpretation of sensory information. | Conscious understanding of something. | Vision (ability)
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