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  • She repeated Amarilly's account of the peregrinations of the robe.

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  • In my peregrinations I occasionally saw BĂ©lan or Giraud, but I always succeeded in avoiding them.
  • Pat was rubbing his hands and chuckling to himself over this remark when his wife entered, hot and weary after her peregrinations over the ruins.
  • During his peregrinations on earth he would hang a bottle on the wall at night and jump into it, emerging on the following morning.
  • Still, she put it on with a good grace, and all through her peregrinations that day it warmed not only her shoulders, but her heart.
  • Resuming our peregrinations 'in search of the picturesque,' we now bid farewell to the county-town of Pembroke.
  • Not only does the soul wander from one to another animal body, but when it has completed its peregrinations and reaches its final abode, it revels in all sorts of bliss.
  • He deserves that record be made of him, since his adoption into this province cost him so many peregrinations and hardships; for to obtain it he made the entire circuit of the terraqueous globe.
  • In the course of his financial peregrinations amongst the highways and byways of the city, Mr. Dane Montague made many acquaintances.

Definition of Peregrinations

plural of peregrination
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