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  • The perennial boarder.
  • This is a perennial and very curious optical illusion.
  • The perennial boar steams upon the festive board!
  • The Everlasting Pea is a beautiful perennial climber.
  • The perennial Polyporus, P. perennis.
  • It rests on the perennial and unfailing kindness of the poor to the rich.
  • Therein lies the perennial value of the Biblical narratives.
  • It had a perennial fascination for us and we read it over every Sunday.
  • Long grown accustomed to these supreme efforts of Perennial Youth.

How To Use Perennial In A Sentence?

  • Everywhere within their influence, the perennial vegetation is meagre and stinted.
  • Romance is a perennial form of modern literature, and has passed through many phases.
  • The real with its disappointments is soul shattering, but the ideal is perennial life.
  • It is a perennial stream, fordable in very few places, and then only in its upper waters.
  • At varying depths beneath these lands, flow perennial streams of artesian water.
  • First see to it that from some perennial fount Clean hands provide a pure drink-offering.
  • And, furthermore, she is Greek in her perennial enthusiasm for fresh knowledge.
  • Just because it presents so widely divergent conceptions of what the gospel is, it gives promise of perennial fecundity.
  • It was on the square of land where she had had her perennial bed for three years, and now she had decided to sow it down to grass.
  • They were only expecting mudki to drop from it, but instead of mudki a perennial stream of beautiful sandesa issued from it.
  • As the cambium layer beneath the bark is the girdle of perennial youth, so the leaves are the facial expression of the same quality.
  • In the southern hemisphere, on the contrary, a kind of perennial summer would reign even up to the pole.
  • Had we contemplated a perennial bench show, instead of a quiet home, we could hardly have been more favored.
  • He should have been endowed with perennial youth, but even his splendid vitality faded at last, and he grew stout.
  • Although that image is small in stature, it is a great and perennial spring of prodigies and favors, which she performs for those who invoke her.
  • But for a certain type of Englishman there is a perennial attraction in feeling that at any moment the proprieties may be outraged.
  • A perennial question in agricultural education is: What is the function of the agricultural college?
  • If we could, if we would thus translate religion into terms of life, it would become a source of perennial joy.
  • Despite myself, I could not but find new cause for concern in the perennial founts of her superstition.
  • From the ugly gashes which misfortunes and sorrows make in our hearts, perennial fountains of rich experience and new joys often spring.
  • He left her then, knowing very well that he had sworn the good girl to faith inviolable, and given her the subject of perennial thought.
  • It is the old, immeasurable love, a deep well which no plummet has ever sounded; a fountain of perennial richness.
  • They are perennial herbs, with irregular flowers, which grow singly or in small clusters, the colors of some of which are strikingly beautiful.
  • He is a mauve satin waistcoat, embroidered with a chaste design of anchors and forget-me-nots, subtly suggesting perennial fidelity.
  • Thus, in the vicinity of Edinburgh, the temperature of the perennial springs agrees with the mean temperature of the atmosphere.
  • Yet, however satirized, feminine faith in perfumes and oils and so forth is like a perennial spring, and never fails.
  • Who ever questioned the perennial charm of Rose Jocelyn, Lucy Desborough, or Clara Middleton?
  • I look with a glad mind around me; my heart finds a perennial contentment without it; my spirit so fine, so refreshing a nourishment.
  • Close by the site of the ancient city came the perennial waters of the Wady Kelt with which it was possible to irrigate its fields.
  • The Heavens afford us a perennial store of treasure, wherein the thinker, poet or artist can find inexhaustible subjects of contemplation.
  • In those situations where the cold is not sufficient to hinder the circulation of water, the temperature of perennial springs is almost identical with the atmosphere.

Definition of Perennial

Lasting or remaining active throughout the year, or all the time. | (botany, of a plant) Having a life cycle of more than two years. Compare annual, biennial. | (figuratively) Continuing without cessation or intermission; perpetual; permanent; unceasing; never failing.
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