Performing In A Sentence

Definition of Performing

present participle of perform | A performance.

How To Use Performing In A Sentence?

  • It is in this labor that peace societies the world over are performing valiant service.
  • Hence in performing the experiment care is taken to introduce an excess of one of the gases.
  • She passed into the cave where the two dead bodies lay like a high priestess performing a rite.
  • And in performing this great feat the American navy fulfilled its ultimate duty in the war.
  • As far as I can estimate, we were about five hours in performing the ascent from Tende.
  • Belle departed to her tent, and I set about performing the task I had undertaken.
  • And, to her great amazement, Dinah discovered Etienne performing a prohibited dance.
  • Now it is only just that you should prove your title to be his successor by performing some of them.
  • And in both these cases the morality of promising cannot be justified, any more than the immorality of not performing it.
  • It was some minutes before he remembered that he was performing the part of boatman, and not appearing in his own character.
  • The royal court always had a number of musicians employed in the making or the performing of music.
  • He had stepped out of the ranks, and was performing strange manoeuvers about a knothole that looked into the courting-box.
  • Arbitration is performing its mission with more and more efficiency, yet each year the war budgets of the nations are increasing.
  • In performing the ordinary functions of an electromagnet it translates the energy of an electrical current into the energy of mechanical motion.
  • He is quite clear that contentment depends on his own acts, and that no power can prevent him from performing those acts.
  • When one is spotted they dash out after it, pursue it back to its lines and prevent it from performing its mission of reconnaissance.
  • It will be borne in mind, that we were now performing the earliest part of our task, and were going down with the stream.
  • She'd look at him, when he tried to please her and amuse her, like he was a performing dog.
  • The man who earns his living, for instance, it views as one who in so far is performing a fundamental duty.
  • Brant meanwhile exerted himself in performing numerous acts of kindness, and did what he could to check the rude violence of his savage band.
  • It is said that, with the exception of a single instance, no guard was ever convicted of a breach of trust while performing his duties.
  • Yet they were hirelings, working for good wages and performing their duties in a simple, matter-of-fact way.
  • Here then, it is at rest, with the toes of the fore-feet performing their natural functions, which they never do when the animal is on the ground.
  • There was a village band performing up the street, in front of the house of a colonel who had come home wounded from Tripoli.
  • Burns, it clearly appears, while degraded by the humble office assigned to him, did his best, by performing its duties well, to elevate it.
  • A small performing caravan was sent south, as were tinkers of every kind, and all knew their purpose for going to Pomperaque.
  • While performing one of these violent feats, occasioned by a flash which appeared to blaze over the whole sky, I woke suddenly.
  • With the egocentricity of the successful criminal he had felt himself superior to all his opponents and had seen himself in future performing such exploits as none had dared to do.
  • Our method of building puts the parts gradually into place in such a way that until the machine is finished it is incapable of performing its functions.
  • At length, as luck would have it, we were performing at a country fair, when I understood the theatre of a neighboring town to be vacant.
  • The Indians entertained him in royal style, performing the calumet dance, the feather dance, and several other dances of their tribe.
  • Quixote promised to follow his advice with punctuality: and an order was now given for performing the watch of the armor in a large yard adjoining the inn.
  • I happened, when at Nasik, to see the latter whilst he was performing his ablutions in front of the Government building in which he was confined.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Performing | Performing Sentence

  • Two clowns were performing with a lot of little dogs.
  • On the one hand, we are performing a great work for peace.
  • She drew back from him as if she were performing a little rite.
  • They came upon the natives just as they were in the act of performing it.
  • He can go on doing that for years, performing a useful function.
  • Jacobsen, at the throat-halyards, was performing the like office.
  • Meanwhile, our subchaser detachment at Corfu was performing excellent service.

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