Perfumery In A Sentence

How To Use Perfumery In A Sentence?

  • There is as much perfumery in petroleum as there is righteousness in orthodoxy.
  • The amount of perfumery and rubbish piled in these ramshackle shops is wonderful.
  • Through this paradise of perfumery they proceeded towards the house, which was surrounded by banks of lofty trees.
  • His hands showed ugly red scars as he brushed away a few flies that liked his perfumery and had stubbornly followed him from below.
  • But the lover never appeared, being engaged in offering samples of pomade and perfumery to apothecary stores in other regions.
  • She was shown in a French bonnet, a bunch of orchids at her waist, standing behind a perfumery counter.
  • Papa has a grand time in that fine hospital, reading the latest news from the front, and scenting the perfumery wafted from 10,000 flowers and shrubs!
  • She doted on fashion, refinement, pungent perfumery and expensive flowers; anything that to her mind suggested social grandeur appealed intensely to her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perfumery | Perfumery Sentence

  • Dry goods and perfumery suffered about those days.
  • Can Perfumery Farming Succeed in United States?

Definition of Perfumery

(countable) A shop selling perfumes. | (countable) A factory where perfume is made. | (uncountable) The manufacture of perfume.
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