Perihelion In A Sentence

Definition of Perihelion

(astronomy) The point in the elliptical orbit of a planet or comet etc. where it is nearest to the Sun

How To Use Perihelion In A Sentence?

  • The perihelion distance from the sun, which settled the precise form of the parabola.
  • It returned to its perihelion in 1835, and was well observed in almost every observatory.
  • The distance of this remarkable comet from the sun at its perihelion passage was less than that of any known comet.
  • Another fact tending towards this same conclusion is that after this comet passed perihelion it showed several nuclei following each other.
  • It will be looked for in 1911; and there is good hope of predicting, long before it is seen, the time of its perihelion within a day.
  • Besides those already mentioned there are many comets with orbits of such marked eccentricity that their ellipses when near perihelion cannot be distinguished from parabolae.
  • The perihelion portion of its orbit lies between the orbits of Mars and the earth, and the aphelion part is outside the orbit of Mars.
  • The closely related orbits of the four bodies are also remarkable for approaching nearer the sun at perihelion than does the orbit of any other known body.
  • But at every return to perihelion the motion of a comet will be to some extent either accelerated or retarded by the action of Jupiter or any other planet in the neighbourhood of which it may pass.

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