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How To Use Period In A Sentence?

  • He had now to consider what was best to do in the short period of daylight that lay before him.
  • But his sufferings during the period of driving the alcohol out of his system were truly heroic.
  • All these places and honors were awarded him by large majorities during a period of nine years.
  • This mountain chain includes types representing every period of volcanic agency.
  • I have an idea that, in every way, it was the most prosperous period of her life.
  • Then, after another period of waiting, he slouched ponderously out and shoved him aside.
  • At a later period the Carlovingian monarchs established at Wiesbaden an imperial residence.
  • There would follow, I calculated, a period of profound reconstruction in method and policy alike.
  • At this period the Mohawks lived farthest east of all the tribes of the Six Nations.
  • Who can say that a punishment for a limited period would have answered that end in a greater or more desirable degree?
  • She waited for a period in the gentle flow of criticism on the prevalent modes, and then she boldly broke in.
  • In the brief period that we shall lie next to nature's heart we will draw strength from her bosom.
  • It is sad to think that only a few meagre items are all that remain to tell us of his daily life at this important period of his life.
  • At one period the limelight flashed upon us, and we all had our photographs taken from a corner of the room.
  • Perhaps her visits at this period were a little more frequent, perhaps her dinners were eaten and her wine drunk with a little more eagerness.
  • At last came a period when he kept away from our chambers altogether, sending his wife to us instead.
  • Let us now enjoy the fruits of these wonderful victories; let us feast and rejoice and enjoy a period of repose.
  • In both these examples, the first period should be replaced by a comma, and the following word begun with a small letter.
  • I do not recall the period with pride, for it proved me more of a coward than I cared to acknowledge.
  • At this period of his life Frederick was singularly beloved and admired by the new court and world with which he had surrounded himself.
  • The child had lived in one night through an inner crisis, through a period of spiritual growth, which could not be measured by years.
  • How different he was from the boy Margaret had known in that primitive period which people defined as "before the war"!
  • At this era I hated the violin, just as pianoforte students hate the pianoforte during the period of apprenticeship to mechanism.
  • With every Christmas there was a short period of prosperity, though it dwindled as the tenants began to realize where their money went.
  • All through that period I was asking over and over again: how far are these Confederates mere dreamers?
  • In the intervening period hardly any importance would have been attached to the question which is so full of meaning to Plato and Hegel.
  • During this period the thought of Bruno keeping his lonely watch over that blanket caused Harry many a sharp pain.
  • And after a period in which I seemed to have walked a thousand miles on that sandy point, I heard voices in the distance.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Period | Period Sentence

  • Then came that period of silence.
  • They urged prohibition for the period of the war.
  • A period of unfavorable weather set in.
  • For the rest these five years were a period of definition.
  • Russia had asked for a further period of grace, one heard.
  • Page 106: Missin period inserted after common.
  • Lodgings at this period varied from 5 to 17 livres the year.
  • The tags caused no damage to the ears over a period of 21 months.
  • What a blissful period of my existence was it that I passed beneath his roof.
  • Page 67: Period after FORAGING replaced with colon.
  • Some time previous to the period of which we now speak, Louis XIV.
  • Yes, I see," he repeated, at the close of his period of reflection.

Definition of Period

Designating anything from a given historical era. (Can we add an example for this sense?) | Evoking, or appropriate for, a particular historical period, especially through the use of elaborate costumes and scenery. | (obsolete, intransitive) To come to a period; to conclude.
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