Permeate In A Sentence

Definition of Permeate

(transitive) To pass through the pores or interstices of; to penetrate and pass through without causing rupture or displacement; applied especially to fluids which pass through substances of loose texture | (transitive) To enter and spread through; to pervade. | A watery by-product of milk production.

How To Use Permeate In A Sentence?

  • Poetic fancies in these lines permeate the early literature of diverse peoples.
  • The trouble is that their effects permeate in ways difficult for the unwilling eye to see.
  • The sooner our ideas are circulated, the sooner they will permeate among the masses.
  • People stopping in the house are free to permeate it from kitchen to attic, if so minded.
  • The thread-like branches permeate the earth or whatever the mushroom grows upon.
  • The truth that he taught was a truth that was to permeate every thought and every act of life.
  • It had been easy to permeate the Liberals, because most of our members were or had been connected with their party.
  • The printing inks must dry on the surface, and not even in the slightest degree be allowed to permeate the paper.
  • The joy of life for you is to grasp all you can compass of the universe, and let it permeate your thought and sense on every side.
  • The constant basting causes the moisture to permeate the dry white meat, making it juicy and tender.
  • Commercial interests have become so vast that they embrace all the world, and so minute that they permeate every hamlet of every nation.
  • And to the effects of this journey may be attributed the strong Pythagorean elements which permeate his thought.
  • Let our drains flow like rivulets, and imagine that light and air permeate those dwellings which now moulder in a loathsome obscurity.
  • This will cause a sudden drop in the temperature of the fat, allowing it to permeate the food which is cooking and thus give a greasy product.
  • We are not quite "a nation of shopkeepers," and there is no reason why this business handwriting should so permeate all classes of society.
  • In other words, it is the spirit of righteousness that must permeate and must govern every act of life and every moment of life.
  • This afternoon we will pay our bill, in accordance with a life-long custom of ours, and go away to permeate the busy haunts of men.
  • A certain audacious assurance seemed to ooze out of him, to permeate his neighborhood, and a measure of it extended to Rainey.
  • But modern philanthropy is an evil to society; the principles of the Catholic religion can alone cure the diseases which permeate social bodies.
  • The "hidden wisdom of the Grail" will be revealed, and as an inner force will more and more permeate the manifestations of human life.
  • And after twenty, thirty, forty years the "computer revolution" continues to spread, to permeate new corners of society.
  • Altogether it made a most interesting study for me, and it became very clear that the personality of the artist must permeate everything that he does.
  • In this the carbon element is placed within a cylindrical jar of porous clay, the walls of this jar being of such consistency as to allow moisture slowly to permeate through it.
  • Unity should be the keynote of it all and should permeate not only the house itself in all its details, but its gardens, lawns, stables, and every aspect of the estate.
  • An intellectual circle has sought to permeate all classes, from the top to the bottom, with a common opinion in favour of social control of socially created values.
  • Is it not wondrous how even the tiniest grain of love will permeate the saddest and sorest recesses of the heart, and instantly cause it to pulsate with thoughts and emotions the sweetest and dearest in life?
  • The peculiar element in scripture is the spirit and religious atmosphere which permeate all its parts and give to the Bible a unique place among the literatures of the world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Permeate | Permeate Sentence

  • But by and by the sunlight seemed to permeate it.
  • A feeling of satisfaction began to permeate him.
  • Extravagance and exaggeration permeate his most commonplace observations.
  • The beautiful perfume of your noble lives will permeate everywhere.
  • I imagined the ticklish thrill which would permeate my body when we started.
  • The fumes of bad tobacco and whisky began to permeate the closet.
  • The State must, in its constitution, permeate all situations.

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