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  • I have never permitted myself earnestly to will any thing.
  • Beyond this I was not permitted to know his history.
  • Cockayne was permitted to indulge in a few passing expressions of wonder.
  • A subscriber is not able even to use his own battery till permitted to do so.
  • Thus was it that I was not permitted to come and lead you in.
  • I must here be permitted to take Virchow exactly at his word.
  • Besides there was but one dog permitted to be at large in Fairburn Chase.

How To Use Permitted In A Sentence?

  • A man who snores as he does should not be permitted to have his tent among human beings.
  • I made the most of my freemasonry, and they permitted me to retain my overcoat.
  • It cut off all hope from his subjects that crime would be permitted to escape with impunity.
  • She was full of grief, and permitted nothing to distract her from the luxury she made of it.
  • Presently she was permitted to go about unattended, a freedom that inspired her with new hopes.
  • A composite method was used, which permitted the use of more data than any other one method.
  • Morning came unnoticed, except by those whom the keen cold permitted to sleep no longer.
  • I was often permitted to run little errands for my sisters: to match a silk or to post a letter.
  • When it is asked, why God permitted evil if he had both the power and the will to prevent it?
  • The laborers were permitted to follow me, and we resumed with joy our road towards Tusculum.
  • Ah, say that I would fain return home with him when my task is done, if it be permitted me.
  • You can not fully realize the immensity of the task if you are not permitted by your overlords to see it in its true proportions.
  • But this object could not be accomplished, if some should be permitted to perish without even a possibility of salvation.
  • Encouraged by the thought, we gave our treasures into safe keeping and permitted the attendant to disrobe us.
  • Why he permitted the beauty of the world to become disfigured, as it has been, by the dark invasion and ravages of sin?
  • But one canoe at a time was permitted alongside, and but one black at a time was permitted to come over the rail.
  • Whatever relative movement there is between the two electrodes must, therefore, be permitted by the flexing of the mica washer.
  • But this sentiment, however just in itself, or however elegantly expressed, should not be permitted to inspire our minds with a feeling of despair.
  • Only simple communications were permitted to himself; and the effect of this rule, so autocratic, was desperately painful upon me at first.
  • They had been stopped in England on their way home to fight, but were graciously permitted to return whence they came.
  • No one ever revived the matter in his presence, nor, as we have seen, was he permitted even to write upon the subject.
  • I thought it very odd; but on the third morning I was permitted to go out, as it was very clear and bright.
  • Now that none might know me, I permitted my beard to grow to my girdle, and stained it with a white pigment.
  • He has never ceased to contend, that as God has permitted sin to exist, he was either unable or unwilling to prevent it.
  • Hare-Lip was never permitted ashore at any of the islands, and Grief was the first outsider to whom he had spoken.
  • Yes, very stupid very often, but hardly in hoping that the defenceless among us may be permitted to become, by fair womanly exertion, independent.
  • But I must be permitted to observe, that I have found their manners quite equal to any that were native.
  • I was permitted to sketch her countenance in various positions, and I Fondly protracted the study that was undoing me.
  • Neither Pinkey nor Wallie was easily startled, but when they saw their guests the most their astonishment permitted was an inarticulate gurgle.
  • By this means the granular carbon is retained in the chamber and the necessary flexibility or freedom of motion is permitted between the front and the rear electrodes.
  • He had not the strength to write the masterpiece which the perverse cruelty of nature had permitted him only to see, and he was hopelessly unfit for journalism.
  • According to the system of Edwards, as well as that of his opponents, sin would not have been committed unless it were permitted by God.
  • I could never verify whether the German Crown Prince was permitted to participate in the war council or not.

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simple past tense and past participle of permit
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