Perpendicular In A Sentence

Definition of Perpendicular

(geometry) at or forming a right angle (to something). | Exactly upright; extending in a straight line toward the centre of the earth, etc. | Independent of or irrelevant to each other; orthogonal.

How To Use Perpendicular In A Sentence?

  • The least deviation from the perpendicular of such a mass would cause it to fall.
  • In the perpendicular position of the head, and the lightness that accompanies it.
  • She rubbed her fingers carefully up and down the faint perpendicular wrinkle above her nose.
  • We see that its axis of revolution is nearly perpendicular to the line of light from the sun.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perpendicular | Perpendicular Sentence

  • He had dragged himself from a perpendicular position.
  • Series of double perpendicular scallops.
  • It was nearly a perpendicular shot.
  • Consider now the planes perpendicular to these three lines.
  • Lines perpendicular to this horizon give depth.
  • Set up a post or stake perpendicular and firm.
  • It rose smooth and perpendicular toward the heavens.
  • Windows and doors square-headed with perpendicular lines.
  • Then the plane l is perpendicular to the line r.
  • The fierce perpendicular rays of the sun beat down.
  • A, a perpendicular ray of light from the pen.
  • Norman and Perpendicular church.
  • The printed page of perpendicular type; how legible it is.
  • Large Perpendicular church.
  • They are thus both Perpendicular in style.
  • It is easy to distinguish Perpendicular windows.
  • The chapels to the east have Perpendicular screens.
  • The Perpendicular church contains interesting windows.
  • It is a plain monument, Perpendicular in style.
  • Spirals, Perpendicular and Vertical.
  • A Fine Perpendicular Tower.
  • Now the base A B is equal to the perpendicular A C.
  • It's quite perpendicular now.
  • A direction which is not parallel with or perpendicular to a line.
  • We were diving as nearly perpendicular as it is possible to be.
  • The ledge here terminates in the perpendicular wall of the canyon.
  • Just as he passes the perpendicular his hands will begin to cross each other.
  • Near the foot of an almost perpendicular cliff he again picked up the trail.
  • It was broken by perpendicular objects like white torpedoes.
  • The needle swung almost perpendicular to the course of the tunnel.
  • The craft was so banked as almost to have the wings perpendicular to earth.
  • There are three chains to help in climbing three perpendicular heights.
  • Another form of check is a small cap having perpendicular slits at the sides.
  • She is in a small semi-circular cove shut in by perpendicular cliffs.
  • The greater part of this bank is nearly perpendicular and of solid rock.
  • It paralleled the river, a perpendicular wall of gray sandstone.

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