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  • Are the perpetrators of those actions to go unpunished?
  • The perpetrators of the deed happened to go into a drinking-place.
  • The actual perpetrators of this unique act of ruffianism were nine in number.
  • The bodies still smoke in blood; the perpetrators cannot be far off.

How To Use Perpetrators In A Sentence?

  • She desired above everything to see punished the perpetrators of the September massacres.
  • His feelings toward the perpetrators of this gruesome sport were such that he dared not think about them yet.
  • The perpetrators of these outrages have never been discovered, notwithstanding the most stringent enquiries.
  • By means of these examinations he often obtains clues that lead to the detection of the perpetrators of crime.
  • These men have advance information of any action to be taken by the law against the suspected perpetrators of crime.
  • Practical jokes are out of date, and the perpetrators have universally come to be regarded as a mixture of fools and knaves.
  • But, having dispatched his telegram, he set his energies to finding some clew to the perpetrators of the outrage.
  • Sometimes these jokes are carried rather too far for sport, and recoil upon their perpetrators with unpleasant force.
  • Instead of that, however, it soon proved that the effect of this atrocious treachery was exactly the contrary of what its perpetrators had expected.
  • Three of the perpetrators of the crime were also arrested; but, through the remissness of the constable in charge, two of them managed to escape.
  • Whether charged or not, whether convicted or not, the perpetrators will almost surely lack the nerve ever to ask for this stuff to be given back.
  • These Documents, therefore, will be anxiously read by all who aim at discovering the real perpetrators and devisers of the murder.
  • The people attribute all these deeds unto Us, whilst their perpetrators remain shameless before God.
  • The perpetrators of these outrages, owing to lax administration of law by corrupt or careless officials, seemed immune from apprehension or punishment.
  • No clue could be gained to the perpetrators of the crime, and his widow continued to live in the same cottage, accompanied always by the faithful animal.
  • Guerrilla warfare was summarily suppressed, marauding stopped, and the perpetrators of atrocities so deservedly punished that all who would have imitated them lost their taste for such fiendish sport.
  • The perpetrators of the crime calculated quite correctly that they need fear no reluctance on the part of the nation, no qualms of conscience, no compassionate shrinking, no remorse.

Definition of Perpetrators

plural of perpetrator
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