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  • If it did, it would perpetuate a form of slavery.
  • This will fix and perpetuate their unity....
  • A son born to perpetuate his father's degradation!
  • Let them perpetuate the year 1847, with all its blessings, to all eternity.
  • If, then, she cannot improve on man's mistakes, why perpetuate the latter?

How To Use Perpetuate In A Sentence?

  • The full size of the children proves that nature does not perpetuate abortions.
  • But there were no airy aids of languorous ease to perpetuate or encourage this delusion.
  • In this way does our race express its gratitude to its great men and perpetuate their memory.
  • What greater danger to the institutions that make the poor in order to perpetuate the poor.
  • The mission of man is to keep it alive with bread, and we perpetuate it with love.
  • There are many causes operating, which serve to perpetuate and increase this evil.
  • This miserable contest has done us all harm; but let us not perpetuate its bitterness!
  • No; it would keep up its policy of delusion and perpetuate for ever and ever its vain promises.
  • As we uphold and perpetuate the National authority, so will be our existence as a people.
  • But no man of that century needed less than Columbus a monument to perpetuate his immortal fame.
  • I sinned in marrying him, and I should perpetuate the sin if I spent his wealth upon me and mine.
  • And perpetuate the principles you believe to be of fundamental importance in uplifting these races.
  • Because of it had his dim ancestors perpetuated their line; because of it was he destined to perpetuate his.
  • To fan racial and religious differences among their subjects was to perpetuate the rule of the masters.
  • Why take something which you could easily abolish as a superstition and carefully perpetuate it as a bore?
  • Yet we would rather leave the story incomplete, than perpetuate misunderstandings and misrepresentations.
  • If that were all, we could leave the lumberman alone and count on him to perpetuate our forests because it will pay him to do so.
  • It is far from desirable to perpetuate the bitterness of the past, but it is possible for oblivion to be too charitable.
  • It attempts to prove the necessity of the proposed trip by showing that it would tend to perpetuate the thing the value of which is under dispute.
  • A more sentimental reason was found in the desire to perpetuate their existence as a religious body of Englishmen.
  • The minorities of hereditary privilege, of priesthood, of monied classes, can perpetuate themselves and their power.
  • An incorporated salon, however, would be a grand thing, if only because it would perpetuate the salon.
  • Our methods of studying art, making a beginning of art-study while travelling, tend to perpetuate this separation.
  • That what was done in France was a wild attempt to methodize anarchy, to perpetuate and fix disorder.
  • Lord Morris was the author of many witty sayings, and he does not require the aid of the unscrupulous to perpetuate his memory.
  • But the real design of the sculptor is, rather to perpetuate his name by this symbol, for it was Saurus.
  • It has occurred to me that Totnes may wish in some way to perpetuate the memory of one who perished so young and with such honour in a noble cause.
  • The central idea of the Forester, in handling the forest, is to promote and perpetuate its greatest use to men.
  • A great ceremony had been made of the funeral and a society of his former officers had been organized to perpetuate his memory by embarrassing his opponents.
  • These schools and churches are not only permanent but they will also perpetuate the great fundamental principles of the churches whose prayers and money have gone into their establishment.
  • But the freedom they sought was the right, if they chose, to establish and perpetuate those cherished institutions of the mother-country for themselves.
  • It is worthy of notice, that anxious as Col. Parke was to perpetuate his name, it has become utterly extinct.
  • They left, at last; but the Collingwood Church established through their efforts, remains to perpetuate their influence.
  • They are said to be very drunken as well as grossly ignorant and superstitious, and the abuses and unutterable degradation of their church perpetuate all that is bad in the national character.
  • Thus it tended to perpetuate the hunter stage; but it must also be noted that for a time it seemed likely to develop a class of merchants who should act as intermediaries solely.

Definition of Perpetuate

Made perpetual; continued for an indefinite time. | (transitive) To make perpetual; to preserve from extinction or oblivion. | (transitive) To prolong the existence of.
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