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  • You cannot show real respect to your parents by perpetuating their errors.

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  • They were strongly desirous of perpetuating the class distinctions observed in Virginia society.
  • The multiplication of books tends to check its influence by perpetuating the forms already in use.
  • The evil influence of the drug store in perpetuating the hold of syphilis and gonorrhea upon us is just being understood.
  • Society goes on perpetuating this poisonous air, not realizing that out of it can come naught but the most poisonous results.
  • On the other hand the existing order is the most skilfully devised machinery for perpetuating itself that has ever grown up among civilized men.
  • But whether the pride of an overseer, in perpetuating his name, is not the pendulum which set the machine in motion?
  • Being impressed with the desirability of perpetuating beauty, he is driven to express the idea in the conventional form of a sonnet-sequence.
  • He did not like the idea of clever men becoming dominant by skilful tactics, and then perpetuating their empire from one assembly to another.
  • To the people of the South it is a curse by fostering and strengthening and perpetuating an iniquitous, corrupting institution.
  • Every period of Italian convulsion has left a class of men calling themselves nobles, and perpetuating the title to their sons.
  • How could the human mind, filled with frightful phantoms and guided by men interested in perpetuating its ignorance and its fear, make progress?
  • No doubt the present inhabitants of Babylonia, who utilize bitumen as a germicide, are perpetuating an ancient folk custom.
  • The most frequent and dangerous propensity which law has to check and guard against in testators is that of perpetuating in their family for generations vast property and estates.
  • The spokesmen of the ruling classes are not open for such a sublime optimism, because they have the pessimistic duty of perpetuating misery and servitude.
  • Until the woman is perfect herself, until her full stature and completed form are attained, she is not properly qualified to assist in perpetuating the species.
  • The exercise of this power can be justified here only on the ground that it is indispensable as a means of preserving and perpetuating the undemocratic character of the Constitution.
  • This fact would be hard to account for if in the regions where witnesses survived, the first generation really took an interest in perpetuating narrative tradition.
  • Many a case of indigestion is dependent on that irritability of temper which so often develops in good feeders and then proceeds to form a vicious circle of influence, perpetuating itself.
  • We cannot conceal its heroic side for fear of perpetuating war, and we must not conceal the brutality of war for fear of destroying morale and the fighting spirit.
  • As he fondled his camera other memories were called up, in which it had done its share in the way of perpetuating the exciting events connected with the various outings enjoyed by the four chums.
  • But at this stage President Adams, seeing the folly of perpetuating a sham war for mere party advantage, determined to reopen negotiations.
  • The admiration they have aroused, and their comradeship in arms, will be an ennobling and enduring memory between us, cementing friendships and perpetuating national good will.
  • I feel, I know that there is oppression and wrong in our world, and that millions of my fellow creatures are interested in perpetuating those wrongs.

Definition of Perpetuating

present participle of perpetuate
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