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  • The persevering will discover them.
  • But he was a sagacious and persevering man.
  • Wonderful is the effect of impudent and persevering lying.
  • What could I do with such a persevering fellow?
  • Well, who made him more persevering or more sagacious than others?
  • By persevering effort, tact and skill, he completely won their confidence.
  • She is one of that persevering class who will hardly take 'No' for an answer.
  • To the persevering mortal the blessed immortals are swift," says Zoroaster.

How To Use Persevering In A Sentence?

  • Balthasar, the most impatient and persevering of all, went out to explore the village.
  • I often returned to sit opposite the poor widow, persevering in her grief as in her holy hopes.
  • He hoped on, persevering in his grim fight for existence, despite failures and humiliation.
  • These hunters, in the back-settlements of America, are as persevering as savages, and as indolent.
  • Honour and renowne Is the efficient and persevering cause Of every well deserved action.
  • I thought it was so persevering of him to go on trying to be funny when he was married to such a depressing woman.
  • Monthault told her, that this persevering regret was a mark of her being in an unsanctified rebellious state.
  • During five successive days, a series of labours were carried on of the most energetic and persevering description.
  • By dint of persevering search she managed to scrape up a small group of planes of many makes and for the most part antiquated.
  • Severely she felt the almost culpability of an action, that risked implications of encouragement to a persevering though rejected man.
  • After persevering in this plan twenty days, the patient appeared much better, and was allowed to sit up.
  • Could they, in this manner, with rigid and persevering economy, hold on their way for a year or two?
  • He knew that it is the industrious, prudent, and persevering who go up hill, and the lazy and worthless who go down.
  • His enthusiasm, persevering efforts and ingenious devices, have contributed much towards the success of this co-operative farm.
  • They thought and fought in masses, had little individuality, and were thick-skulled; but they were persevering and had their hearts in the cause.
  • I did not like this persevering scrutiny, for I was sure it would attract the attention of others, and then draw it on myself.
  • On close-haired animals, wrinkles must be worked away, which can in a majority of cases be accomplished by hard, persevering work with the filler.
  • He was conscientious and devoted, Persevering and determined; Long his name will be remembered.
  • The long and persevering efforts of the Iconoclasts proved therefore ineffective; and the Waldenses were not more fortunate.
  • There are parts of it the structure of which is so minute and subtle that the most persevering science has not yet attained fully to unravel their use.
  • He was plucky and persevering also, and he set to work with a will to gnaw, or unfasten, or "worry" open the tough knots which bound him.
  • Orosio, a Mathematician, with his scales and compasses This persevering man succeeds at last!
  • Did you suppose me to be so unjust as to be angry with you from the idea that you were not sufficiently persevering and were too eager to return, and do you think that that is the reason of my long silence?
  • But he was a dogged and persevering man; he knew the power of money and the shifts to which people can be driven who are made desperate by the want of it.
  • The most persevering at these spells, however, is Phoebe Wilkins, the housekeeper's niece.
  • True enthusiasm is always persevering and always eloquent, and these two qualities were united in no common degree in the person of this extraordinary preacher.
  • I have always regarded your improvement as valuable, and that the country is greatly indebted to your persevering efforts, notwithstanding the obstacles presented.
  • A musical ear and sense of rhythm are innate in some individuals; in others they are not innate and can only be acquired to a variable degree of perfection by persevering efforts and practice.
  • They had no pride of vain philosophy to support, no perfidious rage of faction to glut, by persevering in their mistakes until they should be extinguished in torrents of blood.
  • Also, there was another persevering patron for whom she surmised, with modest palpitation, Aunt Isabel might not be the chief attraction.
  • The softness of Southern climates produces, in the long run, gentleness, effeminacy, and indolence, or passionate rather than persevering effort.
  • The only competitor who completed the full course on a British-built machine was the stalwart and persevering Mr. Cody on his own biplane.

Definition of Persevering

Tending to persevere. | present participle of persevere | perseverance
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