Persiflage In A Sentence

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  • He indulges in the persiflage of a traveling salesman!
  • She flung about bonmots, and chatted airy persiflage till his heart ached.

How To Use Persiflage In A Sentence?

  • The Tax Collector called again, but he Was met with Persiflage and Repartee.
  • There was no joking here, nor that elephantine persiflage which marks rough men when they forgather in the wilderness.
  • She could not stop for any airy persiflage about weather, crops, or politics when her one desire was to tell him what she thought of him.
  • What Mr. Watkins had taken for persiflage was in reality another American declaration of independence.

Definition of Persiflage

Good-natured banter; raillery. | Frivolous, lighthearted discussion of a topic.
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