Persistently in a sentence

Definition of Persistently

In a persistent manner.

How to use Persistently in a Sentence?

  • Hence they have persistently pursued a policy of no compromise and no agreements.
  • We could only admire the consideration he showed in so persistently effacing himself.
  • For many weeks these remedies of torture were vigorously and persistently enforced.
  • He made himself stand there looking at them and thinking persistently of them, not of her.
  • But one thought persistently 15 returned, to the exclusion of all the others.
  • Yet, like petted children, we continue persistently to cry for the thing we have not.
  • Her eyes narrowed with a frowning return to a scene of terror past and persistently avoided in retrospect.
  • The experience of the past has proved again and again that belligerent countries persistently trade with one another when it is profitable.
  • On the sixth night of the voyage the opportunity for which he was looking was offered as unexpectedly as it had been persistently withheld earlier.
  • These persistently influenced humanity in such a way as to instil into it interests which were actually directed against human welfare.
  • They persistently fly back again to the same trees, when they could just as easily fly away out of danger.
  • The baths were faithfully and persistently tried in this case, effecting however but slight improvement.
  • The music is always excellent and sometimes great, but persistently symphonic and not dramatic in character.
  • They kept persistently after us, and we were more or less on the anxious seat, till it did get dark.
  • It does this so persistently that, on theoretical grounds, chemists had long spoken of hydrogen as probably essentially a metal.
  • The duchess died; but as no message came from her, her friend denied stoutly and persistently the immortality of the soul.
  • By degrees his thoughts ceased to dwell so persistently upon the unsolved puzzle, and other interests took possession of his mind.
  • The students had found it extremely difficult to find out much about Merriwell, as he persistently avoided talking about himself.
  • In actual practice, however, the step proved only half effective, as the depreciated thaler was persistently minted.
  • The Germans did not on this first day of general bombardment reply strongly, two only of the forts persistently firing.
  • We maintained persistently the fiction of peace, utilizing the fact that the chief German forces were drawn away to the west.
  • The vessels were taken to Philadelphia, and Girard persistently advertised for the owners of the valuables.
  • In all the discussions on this Frontier question, a very obvious, but all-important, fact has been persistently forgotten.
  • But why she should interest herself so persistently in his welfare was quite beyond him, knowing as he did that in no sense had he appealed to her susceptibility.
  • And was he not prostrated when assured of his mistake, and was it not hard to convince him that the letters to which he persistently referred were forgeries?
  • Steve was constantly and persistently and loudly and elaborately making love to that mulatto girl and distressing the life out of her and worrying the old mother to death.
  • Eagerly and persistently he sought the means that would replace the telegraph with its cumbersome signals by a new device which would enable the human voice itself to be transmitted.
  • Susy was persistently and conscientiously truthful throughout her life with the exception of one interruption covering several months, and perhaps a year.

Short Example Sentence for Persistently

  • Somewhere an owl persistently hooted.
  • I prattled persistently concerning it.
  • Ferdinand persistently refused to surrender it.
  • Stephen clung persistently to the back of the box.
  • I have observed you looking persistently at that clock.
  • Why, had they not been sailing persistently to the east?
  • The child would laugh at it persistently and heartily.
  • He exercised persistently and kept his boyish figure.
  • It had, however, been persistently disregarded.
  • The Marchesa Guinigi alone had persistently repulsed him.
  • But in his times of leisure the memory returned persistently to haunt him.
  • A person who follows another persistently is said to "dog" his steps.

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