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  • Indulge in no personalities here.
  • There are elusive personalities that are in hiding.
  • To me they have personalities as much as human beings.
  • Different personalities actuate us at different times.
  • However, to return from such personalities to facts.
  • Maybe stranger personalities have been canonized before now.
  • Neither men nor women spoke of the personalities of the discourse.
  • Nor has the town many definite associations as far as personalities go.
  • This is the life attitude towards personalities when we deal man to man.
  • Benvenuto Cellini was one of the greatest art personalities of all time.

How To Use Personalities In A Sentence?

  • It was plain that she respected their personalities and expected the same high courtesy from them.
  • They invented characters whose personalities reflected the properties of these elements.
  • Why should political work always rot down to personalities and personal appeals in this way?
  • In that case the two alternating personalities would both be different from the original one.
  • During the conflict party feeling ran high, and personalities were indulged in.
  • Of this we are most aware in connection with those personalities which we regard as distinctly friendly or hostile to ourselves.
  • Long ago he had realised that it was idle to deny the interference of supernatural personalities in human life.
  • Shakespeare, who was the poet of these people, was ignored by them in favour of the personalities of the interpreters.
  • As he stood above the roaring water he formulated a theory with regard to the relationship of the personalities he had just left behind him.
  • An appetite for personalities developed, and these derogatory remarks ordinarily led to personal encounters.
  • The scent of the women reached him; and with it the sound of their voices discussing personalities just left behind.
  • The theatre did not stand where it had done in popular esteem, and its personalities had no longer the vivid authority they had once enjoyed.
  • The two personalities may even alternate from day to day and the normal one may itself become pathologically altered.
  • We forgot how he had made friends with the misfits whose square personalities were being drawn through the round hole of public-school life.
  • Beyond one limited section of the mountain desert he was not as yet known, but he had one of those personalities which are called electric.
  • If marriage have a proprietary character, neither the owner nor the owned is entirely fit to develop free personalities in his or her children.
  • He was active in all local business, and had a singularly exact knowledge of all that concerned his constituents, their personalities and desires.
  • The author of the other great Epics tell us little or nothing of their own personalities or of their sources of information.
  • After such clump of personalities which, like so many monads, make up a body politic, mine is too puny to be taken out and looked at.
  • And about the personalities of Lady Statham and her nephew they crowded like flies attracted by a dish of fruit.
  • There are personalities who possess such a powerful individuality that by its very force they exert the most potent influence over the best representatives of their time.
  • It is a true setting-forth of personalities and experiences, French and American, under the influence of war.
  • But the McKim name has been carved deep in the annals of nations by sheer force of the personalities behind blades of naked steel.
  • He read through the brief notices eagerly and wished English papers discussed personalities with the detail American periodicals employed.
  • But in these days of individualism and radical liberalism, spooks as well as mortals are expanding their personalities and indulging in greater freedom.
  • People often said it was a case of Greek meet Greek, and that two such insistent personalities were inevitably bound to clash.
  • Then the organization of a new party to combat the previous inordinate display of personalities in politics created some hope that the republic would accomplish its own redemption.
  • Unlimited admiration for genius and wonder that the personalities of antiquity should have survived with their great names in no way diminished, soon had two consequences.
  • But the confusion which soon arose among divinities of identical or analogous nature opened the way for inserting all the neglected personalities in the framework already prepared for them.
  • You would be astonished to hear the names of people, of real personalities in the world, who, not to mince matters, owed money to All├Ęgre.

Definition of Personalities

plural of personality
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