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  • A change of perspective has been the consequence.
  • His perspective is extremely fine.
  • One example is the use of perspective in painting.
  • An external perspective view of this coil is shown in Fig.
  • Restoration in perspective of Dayr-el-Bahari 252.
  • The perspective of speech is virtually a part of the meaning.
  • That is to say, it is no perspective because there is too much perspective.
  • Here, again, an utter lack of knowledge and perspective is observable.
  • View in perspective of the Temple of ElephantinĂ© 231.
  • Section in perspective of "Campbell's tomb" 200.
  • Collie's perspective was distorted through sudden disappointment.

How To Use Perspective In A Sentence?

  • The first pictures of earth from space changed our perspective on this sphere forever.
  • We also have our equivalent of perspective painting, in the invention of the holograph.
  • Nay, the perspective varies, and shows them quite otherwise than you thought them.
  • From a renaissance perspective he is still playing the game, albeit a different one.
  • And the meta-theatrical convention gives us new perspective on the greater story as well.
  • Her life had been too sound, too sweet, to give her any perspective on a situation of the kind.
  • A perspective view of one of these combined line signals and jacks is shown in Fig.
  • A perspective view of this Western Electric electrical restoring drop is shown in Fig.
  • He straightened and leaned away from her to give a proper perspective in which she could admire him.
  • It was a shift in perspective that allowed us to orient ourselves to mathematical objects from beyond the context of their own dimensionality.
  • All the houses were dark and in a perspective of complete solitude our two shadows dodged and wheeled about our feet.
  • Drawing and design were monstrous, and the laws of perspective and even of vision unknown or disregarded.
  • Vertical section in perspective of the Sarcophagus-chamber of the above tomb 201.
  • It was not his companions in his cups who understood him best, but the poets who saw his life in the illuminating perspective of distance.
  • Again, our renaissance insights and inventions aid us in our quest for a more dimensionalised perspective on our relationship to one another.
  • Our estimates of all things are more or less relative, so that perspective plays a large part in whatever we take account of.
  • The two perspective views show the general features of the drop and jack and the method by which the magnet coil may be withdrawn from the shell.
  • Standing at the end, and looking along either of these thoroughfares, one gets a curious perspective view.
  • The foreshortening of the parts, and all perspective treatments, are best avoided, as far as possible.
  • And so that side of the frame in which that woman appeared to one down the perspective of the great AllĂ©e was not permanent.
  • A post-renaissance perspective on economic issues has room for both to exist, simultaneously functioning on different orders of magnitude.
  • Pure thought and logic slowed Orren's perspective for the explanation of the prophetic forecast.
  • Plate 2 contains a restored plan; plate 3 a view in perspective of the three highest terraces and of the hill which forms their support.
  • There is fine painting of distance in the low landscape and beautiful aerial perspective in the Summer sky with its floating clouds.
  • His perspective must first be broken on the wheel of experience, that he might know human nature, and the relative worth of men.
  • Is it the way you desire, or is it that there is a dim perspective in your visions of great heights to be scaled by yourself, of a great future for you to compass?
  • Following the events of the day with a careful scrutiny and interpreting them in her writings, she showed a remarkable gift of perspective and deduction and an intimate knowledge of politics.
  • A renaissance is a dimensional leap, when our perspective shifts so dramatically that our understanding of the oldest, most fundamental elements of existence changes.
  • They put, one day, crackers all along the avenue of the chateau at Marly, that led to the Perspective where she lodged.

Definition of Perspective

Of, in or relating to perspective. | (obsolete) Providing visual aid; of or relating to the science of vision; optical. | A view, vista or outlook.
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