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  • Lord Earle looked grieved at the pertinacity of his son.
  • They all write about death with a pertinacity that is positively astounding.

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  • The care of many churches rested on him, the pertinacity of many enemies wore out his life.
  • Affairs went on in Carlingford with the usual commonplace pertinacity of human affairs.
  • He began to be afraid, from the pertinacity of the Frenchmen, that they expected reinforcements.
  • The puzzling recollection that had obtruded itself with vague pertinacity asserted itself triumphantly.
  • These are most interesting as showing the pertinacity of religious faith among the most hostile surroundings.
  • It followed my footsteps with a pertinacity which it would be difficult to make the reader comprehend.
  • He was a fellow of powerful build, and he was annoyed and angry at the pertinacity of their pursuer.
  • It is astonishing with what pertinacity the characters in most farces will bore one with their private affairs when they first appear!
  • Albert was her theme, and she stuck to him with the pertinacity which would have done any leader of a debate credit.
  • I want no greater proof of the corruption of human nature than the pertinacity with which we seek happiness where happiness cannot be found.
  • He stuck to his original proposition with that dogged but convenient pertinacity which is armed against all conviction, and deaf to all reasoning.
  • But do thou look around and reflect, and never for a moment deem pertinacity better than discretion.
  • But none of these three possessed her pertinacity and endurance; a general daily look round satisfied each.
  • But she took care to be present in person, and argued the point with the disappointed and incensed lover with pertinacity equal to his own.
  • Joses, to do him justice, stuck to his self-imposed task with astonishing pertinacity in spite of opposition.
  • This poor woman seems to have been regularly hunted to death by her prosecutors, who pursued her with all the dogged pertinacity of blood-hounds.
  • But on one occasion Gonzalo treated the subject with more seriousness and greater pertinacity than usual.
  • Its presence is not absolutely continuous, else man must cease to live; but its pertinacity is without any break.
  • And his eyes slowly searched Rainey's face with appraising pertinacity for a second or two.
  • N. Whitely, the opponent of these extensions have urged with great pertinacity that the inventions are not novel.
  • When once young Trevor had taken an idea into his mind, he was wont to hold it with a pertinacity which savoured of obstinacy.
  • But for the wise pertinacity of poor Boswell, the giant would have been forgotten even by the generation which immediately followed him.
  • I astonished Kingston at supper with a pertinacity in favour of drinking, keeping my two glasses at work in a knowing way.
  • Few qualities are more useful or estimable than that grave pertinacity of purpose which never loses sight for a moment of the end it has had in view all along.
  • When they were finally prevailed upon to leave the shoe of Mrs. Capron, they stuck with surprising pertinacity to the glove of her friend.
  • The curiosity of the idiot was excited by observing the pertinacity with which the bailiffs kept close to the lapidary, who would not part with the body of his child.
  • From the moment when Susan in her mourning came down-stairs, Nettie acknowledged the weakness of circumstances, the pertinacity of nature.
  • This last gentleman came with the Marquis of Deepdene, and was, with the exception of a certain pertinacity of manner, a very agreeable person.
  • The pertinacity of good ladies who pressed them on chance strangers, and who extolled their efficacy as if it was that of a quack medicine, had lowered the general respect for them.
  • So much adroitness and pertinacity in the author can hardly fail to provoke resistance, if not asperity, despite of the imperturbable temper in which he maintains the combat.
  • But he had enemies whose pertinacity equalled his, and they soon aroused the suspicions of a monarch whose chief weakness was a disinclination to trust others or cultivate loyalty in himself.
  • Let him who conceives high hopes from the progress of knowledge and the pertinacity of thought tame and subdue his pride by considering, for a moment, the game of chess.
  • A lack of "grit," pertinacity of purpose, endurance, "character," marks the townsman of the second generation as compared with the countryman.
  • The whole Island breathed freely once more, and was outspokenly grateful to the courage and pertinacity which had lifted from it the cloud and the reproach.
  • Unfortunately, however, of late years the current flowing toward the top had been rather clogged by the unusual pertinacity of the incumbents of important places.
  • He disliked the patrician order intensely; but their society seemed to have a strange fascination for him, judging from the pertinacity he displayed in endeavouring to gain and confirm a footing there.

Definition of Pertinacity

The state or characteristic of being pertinacious.
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