Perturb In A Sentence

How To Use Perturb In A Sentence?

  • This did not perturb him, for he supposed that the Lord Proprietor was potting at a stray rabbit.
  • If he is passionless, it is not that he has no passions, but that they no longer perturb and mislead.
  • His levity seemed to displease and perturb the woman; she turned from him with an impatient movement of her shoulders.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perturb | Perturb Sentence

  • What, then, are the things that oppress us and perturb us?
  • On the other hand, as we have said, it did not greatly perturb him.

Definition of Perturb

To disturb; to bother or unsettle. | (physics) To slightly modify the motion of an object. | (astronomy) To modify the motion of a body by exerting a gravitational force.
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Perturb in a sentence

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