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  • Yet with it all he bore no resentment except against the perversity of such a lot as his.
  • You must be charitable and put all this perversity to my being disappointed since my boyhood.
  • What ignorance, what perversity is so gross as not to perceive something here nobler than either?
  • Her faith might have perished, but the sense of her own old deep perversity remained.
  • But the imp of perversity seemed to have come to abide permanently in the Park.
  • Hermia and Helena compare notes and wonder at the perversity of their respective lovers.
  • The ardent character of Erebus retained a sad evidence of the perversity of his education.
  • Out of perversity I asked no questions, and left him to seethe in his over-boiling mystery.
  • Can human perversity any farther go, in unmaking the process of restoration which God has made?
  • Of this extreme of perversity I am afraid I must ask you to find what explanation you can.
  • But now behold, how they have made the Law of God a cause and pretext for perversity and hatred.
  • It is all part of the perversity of the fate that dogged her, that her feeling should have met with that reverse.
  • I now no longer wonder at the perversity of the people, since they have such men as you for their advisers.
  • He did not dare to remonstrate lest in a spirit of perversity the two men might proceed to extremities.
  • That was her perversity, once more, but on this occasion her perversity admitted of an obvious explanation.
  • That people should be dominated by things they ought not to feel was perversity on their part and the most wilful kind of wickedness.
  • Yet with the perversity of heathen they had selected this impressive occasion for showing their incurable barbarism and bad taste.
  • She would never know that his prodigality with the salt had been due to the perversity of his heart in longing for what it would now never possess.
  • To him it seemed an extraordinary, womanish perversity that made her cling to a poor creature so obviously a wrongdoer.
  • But with a strange perversity politicians have persistently advocated a high protective tariff for the purpose of fostering industrial development.
  • The turnips were unripe and raw, and nothing but an innate spirit of perversity could have induced the girls to eat them.
  • With every one some perversity or sin has been subdued, some chain unbound, some good purpose perfected.
  • In spite of its apparent vigour and uncompromising modernity, one suspected a sub-stratum of weakness and a perversity slightly vicious.
  • In fact, she had all the faults and naughtinesses of an ordinary child strongly accentuated, and a sense of perversity extraordinarily developed.
  • Everything depended upon the rise of the river, and in the perversity of circumstances the river this year rose much later and slower than usual.
  • In the writing of novels, I have always been seriously embarrassed by the strange perversity of fictitious people.
  • But there is a perversity in this antithesis, an ill-intentioned ruse designed to insinuate that the people are the totality of the State.
  • Thus did Anglican zeal further a colonization that, by a curious perversity of outcome, resulted in founding a nation of dissenters.
  • Out of sheer perversity the crab directed me wrongly, but in good time, after some wandering here and there, I discovered the lobster.
  • Schillie grumbled a good deal at the perversity of the cavern in not having suffered itself to be discovered before, and saved her the trouble of building a house.
  • Is there not, without comparison, more perversity in this respect amongst Christians than there ever was amongst the Jews of old?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Perversity | Perversity Sentence

  • Alas for the perversity of the heart!
  • But the perversity of the ice was all but heart-breaking.
  • This trait is largely wilful perversity and ignorance.
  • My pestilent perversity gave me a shock of pain for her.
  • Such is the perversity of human nature in Our Square.
  • Why was such great beauty coupled with such tantalizing perversity of spirit?
  • Such is the perversity of human nature even at that early age!
  • As I went I reflected bitterly on the perversity of cow nature.
  • What devil of perversity had seen fit to drag Paul Valmain upon the scene?

Definition of Perversity

The quality of being perverse. | A perverse act.
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