Perverting In A Sentence

Definition of Perverting

present participle of pervert

How To Use Perverting In A Sentence?

  • That would be perverting the whole eighteen texts instead of the one you have done.
  • Beware of making enmity by thy words, setting one noble against the other by perverting truth.
  • But O! save me from presumptuously perverting them into a pillow for a stupified conscience!
  • His solution was by no means perfect; but the wonder is that he reached it so well in spite of such perverting factors.
  • I defy any one to remove it from this circle without perverting it, and consequently turning force against right.
  • The great men of the colony had brought misery and ruin upon the common people by perverting all equity and right.
  • We stand at a point where many things in life must be tested and judged anew, where the danger of perverting and misjudging many things is great.
  • This signifies the great apostasy that overspread the earth, defiling and perverting the true worship of God.
  • Without possessing the ability or desire for research, he is not above confounding the chronology and perverting the succession of events to cover up a gap.
  • He is now actively engaged in counterfeiting the Truth, in putting in his demon doctrines, in perverting the Truth wherever he can.
  • If the sacerdotal flatteries succeed in perverting princes and changing them into tyrants, the latter on their side necessarily corrupt the great men and the people.
  • Without the secret instinct of hatred and of vengeance which dominated his being unconsciously, he could never have taken such pleasure in corrupting and perverting a young and innocent soul.
  • I have, therefore, abstained in a great measure from perverting the language, only doing so where it is absolutely necessary to give individual character.
  • They are accused of perverting education, of abusing the confessional, of corrupting moral and political philosophy, of conforming to the inclinations of the great.
  • All the liberal professions were censured as perverting the understanding, by giving scope to the sordid motive of gain, or embuing the mind with erroneous principles.
  • They aim primarily at destroying all the good creations of Ahura-mazda; but if unable to destroy they content themselves with perverting and corrupting.

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