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  • This was followed by a petition for a new charter.
  • The concluding petition had a peculiar appropriateness.
  • That was the sacred right of petition with a vengeance.
  • I petition justice, etc.
  • A brief, informal petition by father or mother.
  • Daughter of Gobryas, your petition is granted.
  • She would have been terribly afflicted had her petition been granted.
  • I will go now to Trephor and ask that your petition be expedited.
  • The petition is lodged at the Daikwan's office.
  • The petition was duly transmitted to Government, and the request granted.
  • How fares this petition read in the United States Senate on February 2, 1837?
  • In this petition the purpose of the Chang'-tu is clearly defined.
  • A hangman signing a petition against vivisection. REMORSE.
  • The signers of this petition were: Robert C. Rogers, Macondray & Co., Jno.

How To Use Petition In A Sentence?

  • Therefore he asked that the petition which precedes be admitted and be placed on record.
  • They earnestly petition the aid of more ministers, as those who are there are few and aged.
  • This petition was tied to her collar, in such a manner as to be easily visible.
  • All the allegations of the petition must be verified by oath and proved by competent evidence.
  • These aroused all to penitence, and there was frequent petition for the holy sacraments.
  • The second was to file his petition in bankruptcy, in which case exposure was inevitable.
  • But ere the melancholy petition was closed, its fervour had wandered into delirium.
  • His petition had no effect, and three missionaries of great merit and learning were sent.
  • They met him on his way to London with a petition for modifications of the service.
  • In the agony of his petition one passionate, broken cry rolled through the solemn silence.
  • The halt was made, for who could refuse such a petition from a lad on his first sleigh-ride?
  • It is almost the only petition of the second Lord Baltimore that was not granted.
  • The claim being love for Mother Britain; the petition for freedom to the slave.
  • And May put in a special petition that Harold and Wilfred should be allowed to be present.
  • A petition having been previously presented to the Governor in Sydney, as drawn out by the Revs.
  • The Senate Committee on Judiciary, to whom the petition is referred, rejects the plea.
  • Then take what is known in English parliamentary history as A Petition of Rights.
  • I was informed that the priest has no separate oral petition or ceremony, though it is probable that he has.
  • The same two men in an unsigned document petition the king on various matters connected with the proposed expedition.
  • The little maid's brown eyes were sweet and seeking; they seemed to petition for something.
  • When a petition is presented to the district court, verified by affidavit, that any inhabitant of the county is: 1.
  • The priestess, a gray hag herself, asked her visitor if he would enter the cavern and proffer his petition to the mighty goddesses.
  • In Otsego, N. Y., Judge Peck obtained signers to a petition for the repeal of the obnoxious acts.
  • These matters are mentioned, and some one is called on to lead the prayer, and these points are included in his petition to the Lord.
  • The countess took the paper, which was a petition to the Commissariot-Court for a divorce from her husband.
  • On petition of other creditors the judge of the district court removed Cohen and appointed one Naglee in his place.

Definition of Petition

(transitive) To make a request to, commonly in written form. | A formal, written request made to an official person or organized body, often containing many signatures. | A compilation of signatures built in order to exert moral authority in support of a specific cause.
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