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  • To Petrarch it was a rebellion against those very things.
  • Dante and Petrarch appear to be dead.
  • Who ever thinks of Petrarch as the old time-worn man?
  • He knew Petrarch and other eminent Italians.
  • In Dante it was sublimated, in Petrarch it was distilled.
  • You quoted from Petrarch and said I was your Laura.
  • To Petrarch always she was in the first festival of her beauty.
  • Towards the end of his life Petrarch became tired of carrying his books about.
  • So, the sonnets of Petrarch are as unmeaning as the promises of candidates.
  • Perhaps Petrarch was the first man that ever climbed a hill to enjoy the view.

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  • Among the letters of Petrarch is one written from the monastery attached to this church.
  • If one should sacrifice a great thought to be like Petrarch one would not resemble him.
  • On a summer night of the year 1374, Petrarch died peacefully at Arqua, alone in his library.
  • Love's laureate crown Italian Petrarch won; Friendship's we twine for British Tennyson.
  • Rome that for Petrarch had recovered the old crown of pagan laurel saw there another brow on which it might be placed.
  • There was no such mountain when Petrarch climbed the neighbouring height, nor for full two centuries afterwards.
  • Italy has been producing great men in every field, but the work of Petrarch reached farther and was more enduring than that of any other.
  • But not even Shakspeare and Petrarch can alter the fact that the genius of the sonnet is solitary and self-contained.
  • During the same night in which Petrarch had this dream in Parma, the bishop died at his palace in Lombez.
  • I confess, though, that I did not know that Petrarch had made so frequent use of the 2-rhyme sestet.
  • While studying at Bologna, Petrarch made his first collection of books instead of devoting himself to the Law.

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