Pets in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Pets

1. What darling pets they must be! 🔊

2. The perfect pets for the sickroom. 🔊

3. His pets were numerous, and of all kinds. 🔊

4. I wonder what queer new pets the old boy has got. 🔊

5. What a pity pets can't speak, isn't it? 🔊

6. We abandon our Baggage and Pets in Despair. 🔊

7. Because we aren't allowed to have pets of any kind. 🔊

8. Mother's pets are to be recognized at a glance. 🔊

9. My pets of course were made to feel the change in my disposition. 🔊

10. Actors were all the fashion just now, the pets and playthings of society. 🔊

11. Job's pets always got hurt or disappeared. 🔊

12. We had lots of pets in those days; some time they may serve for another story. 🔊

13. We had heard much of Peg's pets and now we saw them. 🔊

14. It seems that the two pets had been presented by rival lovers of Madame. 🔊

15. They were the most grateful pets I ever had, and once they saved my life. 🔊

16. Get the union organised, and we'll run out the pets and the old man too. 🔊

17. All four of the pets were old--two very old, two elderly. 🔊

How to use Pets in Sentences?

1. She has brought two dogs with her also, out of a number of pets which she maintains at home. 🔊

2. They are very tame, as they are made into pets and many of the little ones live in the houses. 🔊

3. I have no pets to write about, but I expect to have a Newfoundland dog soon. 🔊

4. Did you know that there are pets there for people who can't have them in their homes? 🔊

5. Perhaps she was used to have her pets glide from her, dancing out indifferently into the merry world. 🔊

6. Hawks trained to do the work of fowling-pieces were therefore greater pets than any dogs that now are the company of sportsmen. 🔊

7. Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer, on the pets of some of the Revolutionary butchers, 195, 196. 🔊