Pheasant in a sentence

Definition of Pheasant

A bird of family Phasianidae, often hunted for food.

How to use Pheasant in a Sentence?

  • Grenville had brought down a pheasant with the last of his two remaining arrows.
  • The pheasant is one of the most beautiful of all fowls, and can only be rivalled by the peacock.
  • This last carried a live pheasant ornamented with a rich collar of gold studded with jewels.
  • Now, that old reprobate of a pheasant of ours was a pretty confirmed runner, anyway.
  • In a long life of poaching I have noticed that the pheasant has one great characteristic.
  • Whether he kept it I doubt; I fancy he sometimes shot a pheasant even after that.
  • That is why the Indians have the Pheasant dance, as a part of the Green-corn dance.
  • Almost at once they asked some people to stay there to help with the elections and the pheasant shooting.
  • Presently an old cock pheasant came rocketing over me, looking as though the feathers were being blown out of his tail.
  • It was very still, though now and then the harsh call of a pheasant came up faintly through the murmur of the river from the depths of the wood.
  • The old pheasant got to his feet just as the rooster who owned the outfit came racing up, panting and red.
  • The orang-outang, the monkey, and the pheasant had been removed to the library, where there was plenty of room for them.
  • In passing down the gullet, however, a violent irritation is set up, and the pheasant is finally choked.
  • Even so, they found themselves battling a flood at a pheasant farm, and incidentally, meeting several unpleasant persons.
  • Ungallant feminists have been known to cite the case of the "mule" pheasant as pointing a moral for the females of a more highly organised animal.
  • Then a turn into a narrow lane, with the bare trees of a copse on either side and a scurrying pheasant in front of you, and behold the white gate!
  • One may put down bread-crumbs to attract the pheasant to one's garden when he is alive, or to one's plate when he is dead.
  • I preserve, too, and in the pheasant months I usually have a house-party, so that it would not do to be short-handed.
  • She thinks she's a great shot, poor thing, and men are civil and let her imagine that she's knocked over a pheasant or a hare, now and then.
  • I preserve, too, and in the pheasant months I usually have a house party, so that it would not do to be short-handed.
  • The patridge, grouse, and pheasant are cousins, and either one ov them straddle a gridiron natural enuff tew hav bin born thare.
  • Down clapped the pheasant as if the noise had pierced his heart, and remained stiller than the crawling roots around him, and not half so easy to see.

Short Example Sentence for Pheasant

  • I can give you some glorious pheasant shooting.
  • How good the cutlets and the pheasant tasted!
  • The pheasant is in many respects a very curious bird.
  • The pheasant is also a useful and beautiful fowl.
  • White pheasant is another bird I remember here.
  • So Pheasant went into the woods behind the lodge.
  • The Pheasant and the Lark.
  • That pheasant lying there was killed by you with that air-gun.
  • He was roasting a pheasant for his visitor's delectation.
  • Our hunters had had no success, a single pheasant being all they had procured.
  • The pheasant watched him go, but did not move for some time.
  • A great copper-breasted pheasant came beating through the boughs overhead.
  • The fox eats the pheasant; the pheasant is eaten by the fox.
  • A rabbit, or a pheasant with a broken wing, or perhaps a fox?
  • Preserved Pheasant to be wound up and go off with a whirr-r.
  • He can have every blessed rabbit and pheasant in the Park if he likes.
  • A PHEASANT is carved precisely as a fowl.
  • He doth, at meals, alone his pheasant eat, Which is main greatness.

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