Phenomenally In A Sentence

Definition of Phenomenally

In a manner that is extraordinary or amazing. | In terms of phenomena.

How To Use Phenomenally In A Sentence?

  • He was a phenomenally good pilot, although he himself never seemed to realize his remarkable ability.
  • He certainly had made phenomenally good time for he did not want the fellows to think he was afraid to let out the engine.
  • The news spread, as it usually does in a country town, and interest in the lecture became phenomenally keen.
  • The air was phenomenally still, not a leaf stirred, and the hawk was compelled to beat his wings vigorously.
  • As a matter of fact, he had moved with prodigious energy, his strokes and velocity through the water phenomenally swift.
  • Standing in the center of a large room was a little man, very short and very fat, phenomenally fat, a hideous phenomenon.
  • It was his picturesque white hair and beard that people liked to see at their tables, for the old fellow, thought Hunt, was phenomenally a bore.
  • It was not only by these methods that the firm of Marshall Field & Co. was so phenomenally successful in making money.
  • The slim figure quickly broadened, grew brawny and competent-looking, the body of a woman who could breed phenomenally while farming alongside her man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Phenomenally | Phenomenally Sentence

  • The Daytons, who were phenomenally ugly in a bony way, were the Daytons.

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