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  • But Ronicky fell into a philosophical brooding.
  • A Philosophical Inquiry.
  • Since the episode of that morning his philosophical outlook had broadened.
  • By a happy stroke of philosophical genius he lit on the ellipse.
  • An essay towards a real character and a philosophical language.
  • But the nymphs of that stream were dead, slain by philosophical questioning.
  • Essay on the Philosophical Evidence of Christianity," pp.

How To Use Philosophical In A Sentence?

  • He was influenced also doubtless by his too exclusively theological and philosophical reading.
  • The philosophical method of Spinoza, as applied to our special subject, is radically vicious.
  • For the philosophical ideas of Akbar the best authority is his principal opponent, Abdul Kadir.
  • Titmouse listened with infinite satisfaction to this unanswerable and truly philosophical account of the matter.
  • Those who only know its name think it was really an attempt to write a philosophical treatise on what we now call socialism.
  • They told me he reported that it was a philosophical work, little likely to be popular with a large circle of readers.
  • An Address delivered before the Philosophical Society of Edinburgh, November 11, 1887.
  • Each of these theories, however, has appeared in various phases in the history of philosophical speculation.
  • Nor can we deny that he has sometimes interpreted physics by metaphysics, and confused his own philosophical fancies with the laws of nature.
  • This theory, although it has been propounded as a religious creed, rests mainly on a philosophical dogma.
  • And it must be remembered that they were attained not as other monotheisms have been, by philosophical speculation, but by purely moral ways.
  • A great deal of human language, especially philosophical language, seems to be constructed on the same principle.
  • But his time, when unoccupied at the office, was principally devoted to metaphysical research and the history of philosophical opinion.
  • She had courage and initiative and a philosophical way of handling questions, and she could be bored by regular work like a man.
  • Mr. Clacton's attitude was more philosophical and better supported by statistics.
  • It struck me that he was uncommonly philosophical about it, so I merely grunted and went on with my dinner.
  • In the current use both of philosophical and popular language, Certitude is spoken of in a twofold sense.
  • The subordination of the philosophical faculty as a sort of preparatory course to the others remained in force in Austria until 1850.
  • But this philosophical speculation or interpretation does not trouble either the French or the Germans.
  • For at college, you see, you will perhaps have articles of philosophical apparatus, and a cabinet of specimens, instead of playthings.
  • Thus Hegelian idealism claims to be the philosophical counterpart of the central dogma of Christianity.
  • Although philosophical in tendency he had not had sufficient experience in sophistical reasoning to enable him to disentangle the sinuosities of bad logic.
  • His taste for philosophical poetry increased with his years, and Wordsworth and Shelley became his prime favorites.
  • Yet there are few philosophical writers who have made a larger number of gratuitous assumptions, or who have abounded more in contradictory statements.
  • In our day it begins to be seen that, great as Bacon was, and great as his book really is, he is not the philosophical father of modern discovery.
  • We have no evidence of it beyond the reasoning and moral precepts of the philosophical world, which were not put forth as a scheme or system of religion.
  • It seemed to her that he had discarded the friendship, when it suited his convenience to do so, with some falsely philosophical theory which made his conduct all the worse.
  • He has need for his philosophical temperament to-day, for there is no manner of doubt that his hold on the imaginations of his countrymen is less firm than it was when the war began.
  • The doctrine of the Trinity, as a description of Deity, is a valid theological and philosophical doctrine, admitting of no rational dissent.
  • That truth inevitably seeks to establish itself as scientifically true, and with the aid of the ruling philosophical tendency of the day clothes itself in a view of the universe and in a creed.
  • To put up with what you cannot avoid is a philosophical principle, that may not perhaps lead you to the accomplishment of great deeds, but is assuredly eminently practical.
  • For it may encumber him without enlightening his path; and it may weaken his natural faculties of thought and expression without increasing his philosophical power.
  • I mean to build up on a broader basis the aim and purpose of my life, namely, historical and philosophical meditation on culture in its highest form.

Definition of Philosophical

Of, or pertaining to, philosophy. | Rational; analytic or critically-minded; thoughtful. | Detached, calm, stoic.
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