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  • I was philosophically in some distress just then.
  • Mizzi shrugged her shoulders philosophically and obeyed.
  • Another might perhaps compromise philosophically with circumstances.
  • It means that people care less for whether they are philosophically right.
  • It is a sign of what one might call a philosophically ill-bred nature.
  • In this respect the Greek drama stands forth as most philosophically perfect.
  • They know Dandy Jack, and are philosophically resigned to their fate.

How To Use Philosophically In A Sentence?

  • A philosophically educated and self-understanding mind is a part of absolute nature.
  • When he had finished he wished for a drink of water and philosophically took a smoke instead.
  • At first he had fought, then he had philosophically stood still, now he was retreating.
  • He had taken many things philosophically in the course of recent hours, and he took this also.
  • Over and over again we find that he adopts some fancy of his ancestors and develops it rhetorically and philosophically in his commentary.
  • Joan was able philosophically to reflect that if the gentleman had come in person she would never have had the note.
  • Jem was lifting the porter to his lips, and looked down calmly and philosophically at the young priest.
  • In a little while he was snug and dry, and inclined to look philosophically on the day that had had such an unlooked for ending.
  • He was philosophically indifferent to comfort, but in his later years he always had the windows of his carriage closed.
  • When one lives philosophically for the present, he takes men in all their moods and life in all its phases.
  • Naively or scientifically, philosophically or radically, the nature of government must be dealt with.
  • But he was a very fatalist, prone to take things as they came, not philosophically it must be owned.
  • The plundered party were clambering philosophically to their seats, while the driver blasphemed delightedly over the integrity of his mails.
  • It deals sympathetically and humorously, not philosophically and strictly, with the panorama and the principles of life.
  • The rest of the cast comprised actors and actresses of experience, and they went through their parts philosophically and without enthusiasm.
  • We are out, philosophically to take the world as it is; he who is not content to do so, had best not stir from home.
  • And yet if it be possible to deal more philosophically with a subject of the kind, the attempt ought not necessarily to be devoid of interest.
  • The gorgeous rhetorician of the church was not likely to rise philosophically into the larger air of universal history, properly so called.
  • Bert took it for granted that something out of the ordinary had happened, however, and bore his disappointment as philosophically as he could.
  • Then the three Troopers philosophically hunted up a night restaurant and gave their captive a bite of lunch.
  • As I grow older, I confess, I accept Christmas more philosophically than I used to do.
  • Everyone at the Downey lodge suffered from the confinement, but some accepted the situation more philosophically than others.
  • Micky, also puffing methodically, was silent as his companion, philosophically waiting for the spirit to move.
  • If, now, we go farther, we see that he takes it philosophically because he has passed the loss along on the public.
  • The Austrian had philosophically seated himself in the chair against which Jim had leaned the night before.
  • The women indulged in much useless abuse, and refused to obey orders, taking the matter less philosophically than their mankind.
  • In an adjoining paddock stands a nice, pleasant-looking grey donkey, who munches an apple philosophically while having his portrait drawn.
  • The gorgeous rhetorician of the Church was not likely to rise philosophically into the larger air of universal history, properly so called.
  • We are now touching what, before Hume, was the central defect of the eighteenth-century attack, judged philosophically rather than practically.
  • The parents had agreed to underwrite lunches at the barn and Betty Miller philosophically assumed the role of commissary officer.
  • The telephone philosophically considered is an instrument for the conversion of a sound-wave into electrical motion, and its reconversion into sound at a distance.
  • Mike soon found answering a task too difficult to be attempted, and he philosophically came to a determination to confine his efforts to masticating.
  • Bullet would devour sage-brush, when he could get nothing else; and I have even known him philosophically to fill up on dry pine-needles.

Definition of Philosophically

In a philosophical manner.
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