Phobia In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Phobia | Phobia Sentence

  • A man has a phobia of cats.
  • The fear of the phobia cannot even be described.

How To Use Phobia In A Sentence?

  • The content of the phobia has about the same importance for it as the manifest dream facade has for the dream.
  • The regression to infantile phobia is the bridge where the transformation of libido into fear is conveniently effected.
  • The phobia is comparable to a fortification against outer danger, which is represented by the much feared libido.
  • He knew, too, that the best cure for the boy was to take him right up again into the air, so that he would have no time to develop a phobia against going up.

Definition of Phobia

An irrational or obsessive fear.

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